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Fairy tale for Michael Jackson’s sudden fans

First of all I would like to say that I do not pretend that everything I write is true. It is a really crazy idea, an attempt to find some logical explanation to what is happening with many of us. Imagine that this is a fairy tale and a reason to philosophize.

I devote it to those, who were relatively indifferent to Michael, who simply liked him as well as many other talented performers, and to those who unexpectedly became his fans after June, 25th and suffered the loss as something very personal. It is quite logical, understandable and expected when a fan mourns the loss of his/her favorite artist. But it is very strange and illogical when the same happens to people who were relatively indifferent to that performer before. I still cannot explain what has happened to me to many of my friends.

I can perfectly understand some alienation and misunderstanding shown by the fans with big experience (thanks God not all of them). They probably think that our feelings are feigned and not sincere, because it just cannot happen like this… Here are the words of the woman who has been MJ’s fan for many years:

“People I can say frankly that I belong to the first category of people, my experience of being MJ’s fan counts 26 years and I am 39 years old. There have never been any breaks in my attraction to Michael. Obviously, sometimes the interest was stronger, sometimes less (still one needs to devote some time to the private life)”. But have any of you found any rational answer to the question why you got interested in Michael only after June, 25th?

Till now for me it is the biggest mystery! Have you all been sleeping?”

Some time ago I wouldn’t have believed it myself.

What concerns me and my attitude towards Michael, my story is not original. I remember that at the end of the 80-es I watched a film about making of “Thriller”. I was a child and Michael did a very important thing for me – I stopped being scared of horror movies, and I am very grateful to him for it. I have NEVER been his fan, never collected any photos, records, never tried to get to his concert. I liked his music, I knew some songs (at least well-known ones), but actually I am very indiscriminate about music and I can listen to different kinds of music. I was aware of the main events in his life, such as all those trials, his children, etc, because I always read mass media.
On the 25th of June a friend of mine came to pick me up to go to university classes and said, “Have you heard that Michael Jackson has died?” I and my mom exclaimed simultaneously, “How come died? It can’t be true!”
In the university canteen we continued to discuss the news with other fellow-students. I simply couldn’t put up with that thought. It lasted for several days. For some reason, he and death seemed incompatible. I and my mom were shocked to learn his age, my mom is 56 and he is only few years younger. But for us he has always been very young, young guy, a boy. Getting old and dying was not about him and it was so absurd.

Day by day this feeling increased as a snow-ball. I felt as if a part of my life was gone, as if I have lost someone very close and very significant for me. I know what it means to bury the relatives – three years ago I organized the funeral of my father. Now the only close person for me is my mom.

That time I would go to bed thinking of him, of how it could happen. Every day I felt worse and worse. Once I came across a comment in the internet saying, “For two weeks I feel as if someone has been pouring boiled water onto my heart” – these words stayed in my memory because it was about me. I felt the great loss of a close person, I felt guilty, I felt the need to change something, to take his pain away, to sacrifice my happiness and my fate just to make him be ok. I started to search for more and more information about him in the internet; I read articles and interviews, watched videos and I got more and more involved.

I have cried ocean of tears. Still I am very impressed about his influence upon people and world; he is indeed very special and surprising. Why has it touched so many people, why has it evoked such a huge resonance?

It does seem familiar to you, doesn’t it? And how many are we – from teenagers to people in their forties?  When I read your stories, I read about myself.

Some days ago I talked to a girl from our Forum and she told me, “The question “Why me?” is the second significant question for me after “Why, what and how it happened to him?”

The same with me… And with many of you…

I know that many people see him in their dreams, feel some connection with him, feel as if they have met him before.

Now the second thing which I consider strange

We all know that after June, 25th all Michael fans split into two groups – RIPERS and BELIEVERS. If my observations are right, and actually it has already been confirmed by my poll, the majority of believers consist of “newly-converted” fans. Of course, there are some long-time fans as well, but they are really few. And it is also quite surprising. It means that only few “old” fans could keep their eyes open and believe in the hoax.

All the above said was a prelude and not the FAIRY TALE itself (I intentionally stress this word).

Once upon a time there lived a good person named Michael Jackson. He had a clean and kind heart and he wanted to help all the unhappy, sick and unfortunate people very much, especially children. Since his childhood he did his best to help; he would participate in charitable concerts and actions, he would visit hospitals and orphanages, he would support with words and deeds those he needed help. But sometimes his help was of no power and people died. Most of all Michael suffered when children were dying. He could never understand it and would always mourn for them.

From B. Shmuley’s interview:

SB: Wasn’t there a young boy you were very close to who got AIDS from a blood transfusion?

MJ: Ryan White. The hardest for me is… I am going to answer but I don’t understand when a child dies. I really don’t. I think there should be a window where there is a chance of dying but not in this window of time. When a child dies, or when a child is sick, I really don’t understand it. But I listened to Ryan White, twelve years old, at my dining room table at Neverland telling his mother how to bury him. He said, “Mom when I die, don’t put me in a suit and tie. I don’t want to be in a suit and tie. Put me in OshKosh Jeans and a T-shirt.” I said, “I have to use the bathroom,” and I ran to the bathroom and cried my eyes out. Hearing this boy telling his mother how to bury him. That hurt me. It was as if he was prepared for it and when he died he was in OshKosh Jeans and a T-shirt and a watch that I gave him. And I am sitting alone in this room with him and he is lying there and I felt so bad I just wanted to hold him and say that I love him, which I did all those things when he was alive. I took care of him and he stayed at my house. But to see him just lying there… I spoke to him and said, “Ryan, I promised you that I would do something in your honor on my next album. I will create a song for you. I will sing it. I want the world to know who you are.” I did Gone Too Soon. That was for him.

SB: Do you think he heard you when you said that? Do you feel in touch with the soul of the people you love and have lost? Do you still feel close to them?

MJ: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

SB: So you had to deal with his death and other people who you were close to?

MJ: That hurt me so much. One other boy came to me and he was as white as snow, literally as white as snow or a white piece of paper. He was dying of cancer and he just loved me and he came to my bedroom and he saw the jackets I wore and the videos and he put them on and he was in heaven. They told me that he wasn’t going to live. That any day he could just go and I said, “Look, I am going to be coming to your town.” I think he was in Kansas City. “I am going to open my tour in Kansas City in three month. I want you to come to the show. I am going to give you this jacket.” He said, “You are gonna’ give it to me?” I said’ “Yeah, but I want you to wear it to the show.” I was trying to make him hold on. I said’ “When you come to the show I want to see you in this jacket and this glove,” and I gave him one of my rhinestone gloves, and I never give the rhinestone gloves away.” He was in heaven. When I came to the town, he was dead and they buried him in the jacket and glove. He was 10 years old. God knows, I know that he tried his best to hold on.

SB: Do you feel angry at God for things like this happening?

MJ: No. I just don’t understand them. I wish we knew more about the other side. I know it promises everlasting life and being in heaven. But why suffering and why pain before crossing over to the white light, whatever it is. It should just be the most beautiful experience, whatever it is.

The story about the boy was a true story. I wish you could’ve seen his face, Shmuley, I wish you could’ve seen it.

SB: And that was a promise story, right? You said, “I promise, if you stay alive…” Right?

MJ: Yeah, I was trying to get him to hold on. They said he was gonna die and I said, “I know I can do something about this.” You know? And I was trying to get him to look forward to hold on and I said “Wear this to the show” and he was so happy. When I got to the town, he was dead.  Killed me, killed me.
SB: How do you feel,  describe the feeling to me for just a minute. How do you feel when you’re around (a little girl with cancer whom Michael and I knew]?
MJ: I love her.
SB: You know that you could make a difference with them and you know that just being around you, part of their illness almost goes away. You know the ancient rabbit said that every time you visit someone sick you take away 1/60th of their illness. But with you, it’s almost like you take away fifty percent of their illness, you know? I know you know that.
MJ: Yeah, yeah. I love making people… I don’t like to see anybody hurt or suffer, especially children.
SB: Do you feel that you have a healing power that was given to you? Or is it because of the celebrity? In other words being a great celebrity, when you show a child attention, they feel really good. They know how famous you are, they feel like “wow, someone that famous cares about me. I must be special.” But is it beyond celebrity?
Is it something in you that you had before celebrity?
MJ: I think it’s something that I’m supposed to do because I always had this yearning to give and help and make people feel better in that way,
SB: You had this before, when you were Michael Jackson the boy?

MJ: Yes.

But Michael didn’t know that God had heard his prayers and send all those people back to Earth in new appearances. They lived again and didn’t remember their past till the moment Michael was in trouble. It was then that they felt the need to help him as once he tried to alleviate their sufferings…

The End

P.S.: While thinking about whether to write it or not, I thought about the age of the “newly-converted” fans. It is mostly girls from teen age to thirties. But there are those who are 40 as well, right? So I was finally convinced in the necessity to make this post after I got a book from one of my friends at http://vivere.mybb.ru. The name of the book is “Michael Jackson. Forty Years of Charity”.


English translation by Afalina

© Olgeya_humayer 2010

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  1. Jennifer Ford
    February 10, 2010 at 6:12 am

    could you please translate this I wish to be able to read it please
    thank you peace my friend god bless you I love you

    • February 18, 2010 at 4:56 pm

      I am glad to offer you the English translation 🙂

  2. March 11, 2010 at 12:06 pm


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