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The Greatest Show on Earth. THE SECRET MEETING. Part 2

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The events of 2003-2005 have left the indelible mark on the reputation and life of Michael Jackson. He leaves this battle acquitted, but also tired and hurt.

Nevertheless, he begins to think about the comeback, though it was a pretty hard task. I believe that Michael made a decisive step in 2007. It was in the beginning of 2007 that Michael moved to Las Vegas and had some secret meetings with several billionaires. You can read about the results of those meetings here (I strongly advise you to read it) http://www.vegaspopular.com/2007/02/05/in-a-world-exclusive-interview-michael-jackson-talks-about-his/.


MAIN GOAL: To return the title “King of POP” to Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson
Kenny Ortega

Simon Cowell
Simon Fuller
Robert F X Sillerman
Donald Trump
(the information is not confirmed)
Guy Laliberte (there is no official data, but… let’s go step by step)


Simon Phillip Cowell (born 7 October 1907) is an Irish music executive, television producer and entrepreneur. He is known in the United Kingdom, Ireland and in the United States for his role as a talent judge on TV shows such as The X Factor and American Idol. It was American Idol Show that in 2007 for the first time there was shown a duet of Celine Dion and the hologram of Elvis Presley.

It was The X Factor Show where Janet Jackson performed (All For You and Make Me) on December, 6th 2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMarfGsx53o

At the very same place in December 2009 Michael Jackson Mania show was organized.

He shares investments in Las Vegas Real Estate together with Simon Fuller. 



Simon Fuller – artist manager, a true expert in entertainment business and the most successful manager in the world. A close fiend of Simon Cowell.

In February 2007 he held a secret meeting in Steve Wynn’s Wing Lei hotel & casino Wynn in Las Vegas with Michael and Kenny Ortega.
As manager to international soccer-star David Beckham, Fuller, the extraordinary deal-maker, won him a five year $250-million contract — the largest sports pay-package in history – to move with his ‘Posh Spice’ wife, Victoria Beckham, to Beverly Hills and play for the L.A. Galaxy Major League Soccer team. Fuller is the brains behind its $1-billion haul from advertising, merchandise and music. He is said to have earned $60-million personally in 2003 alone and that’s a figure that grows annually. In addition, he promotes and manages such ‘American Idol’ stars as Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken in addition to being the long-time manager of Annie Lennox and the now solo careers of Emma ‘Baby Spice’ Bunton and Mrs. Beckham. He shares investments in Las Vegas Real Estate together with Simon Cowell. Till the year 2006 he was the owner of 19 Entertainment. But it’s the megadeal he struck with American billionaire, Robert F X Sillerman, that’s worth noting in all of this. Fuller’s 19 Entertainment was purchased a year ago by Sillerman for a whopping $190 million and Fuller wound up a director of Sillerman’s CKx and still running the 19 group.



American billionaire.

He is the owner of CKxSillerman. In 2006 the director of CKxSillerman was Simon Fuller (above).

Sillerman bought a 20percent stake in the Broadway version of Mel Brook’s ‘The Producers’ which is opening a Vegas version of the musical with David Hasselhoff.  

CKx is partnered with Cirque du Soleil in an upcoming Elvis Presley-themed show, planned for MGM’s City Center.

Sillerman, who owns licensing and merchandising rights to numerous celebrities and their estates, exploits the Presley estate with authority by both Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley (!!!)


Steven Alan "Steve" Wynn (born January 27, 1942) is an American casino resort/real-estate developer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Wynn_(developer)
Old friend of Michael.

Michael was present as a guest at Wynn’s interview about the opening of Mirage Hotel in 1989.

At the end of 2006 – beginning of 2007 he had
a long dinner with Michael Jackson, which resulted in speculation about a possible Jackson show there.

He is the owner of the hotel Wing Lei where the secret meeting of Michael, Ortega and Simon was held.

He is the owner of Resort Casino Hotel, Kenny Ortega is making a secret project for.

He is the owner of Mirage Hotel. It is well known that Cirque du Soleil is giving shows in Las Vegas. So it began here, in this very hotel, in nineties.

According to this article it was Wynn who enabled the success of Guy we are witnessing now, by giving him chance to perform in Las Vegas.  

Laliberté hit the jackpot as far back as 1991 when casino magnate Steve Wynn decided he loved Cirque so much he brought it to Las Vegas.
(The material on Wynn prepared by  EllaS)


Las Vegas entrepreneur and deal-maker.

Wishna is the businessman who engineered Trump’s Vegas debut with the $2.8 billion Trump International Hotel Tower, which is nearing completion on the Strip near the New Frontier hotel across from Steve Wynn’s resort hotel casino.

During Jackson’s trial Jack Wishna said that he would provide the musician with a big contract in Las Vegas. In his telephone interview for Las Vegas Review Journal, Wishna didn’t reveal any details but as he said they had been working at several projects with Jackson.  In the beginning of 2009 Wishna and Jackson discussed the creation of a show similar with circus musical LOVE (Cirque du Soleil), which was a so called anthem of The Beatles.

Jack Wishna: "Michael is poised to return to the top of the entertainment world soon. He is one of the greatest all-time entertainers in the world."

At the same time Wishna begins to leak such kind of information to mass media:

“June 3, 2007

The King of POP has left all his business and the project he began earlier and has left Las Vegas… Jack Wishna, a Las Vegas entrepreneur, has told us about the change of Jackson’s plans. It was Jack Wishna who supported Jackson, “We had a phone talk when he was in Ireland, and he assured me that nothing would change, that he still wishes to work in Las Vegas. We even discussed the details of the statue he was going to put at the entrance of one of the most famous Las Vegas hotels. But now I have to say that our plans have changed a bit. And I wanted to return Michael to the millions of his fans all over Europe and Asia.” However, neither Jackson nor anyone of his team considered it necessary to explain his behavior to Wishna, moreover the King of POP simply doesn’t answer his phone calls.”

After Michael’s “death” Wishna opened up.

July 10, 2009

"So, earlier this year, he and Jackson instead discussed creating a show in the guise of LOVE, Cirque du Soleil’s ode to the Beatles, that the King of Pop would not actually be in.
But then, Wishna said, he found out Jackson had hooked up with AEG for his London engagement.
"He said it should be fine," Wishna recalled. "In my heart I knew he didn’t get better from the time I was with him. He was thin and weak. It’s going to be a disaster. I would never put him into a show that way. I don’t know who the doctor is that certified him for it.
I didn’t think [Jackson] was capable of doing it."
"I tried to get rid of Neverland for him. He would never set foot back on Neverland. He never wanted to go there, never wanted to sleep there— never, never."
Wishna said he never saw Jackson using drugs, but that he wouldn’t have had any trouble obtaining whatever he wanted—oftentimes from people who didn’t have his best interests at heart.
«Jack Wishna, Jackson’s show promoter in 2006, told CNN that while he was trying to land Jackson a regular engagement at one of the Las Vegas casinos, the singer would appear "drugged up" and "incoherent" during meetings and was often so weak and emaciated, he had to use a wheelchair to get around. Wishna said the attempted comeback shows were then allegedly canceled because of the star’s weak condition.
As you can see, Wishna tried to convince us and create the image of a drug addict in a wheel chair, who does not keep his promises. 


Wishna showed up again on July 27, 2009

… There was information that Michael was interested in a photo collection of nude celebrities.

The owner of Celebrity Sleuth says that he had a contact with Jack Wishna, a businessman and a big friend of Michael. “Jackson was one of several people who was interested in the collection. A day before he died I got an e-mail from Jack saying that the musician wants to buy photos”, claims the source.   

The price offered by Jackson is not opened. But it was an eight-digit number.

It means that Wishna was still present in Jackson’s life and had some contact with him.



The owner of Atlantic City Trump Plaza and Trump International Hotel Tower, a first project of Trump in Las Vegas which cost 2.8 million dollar to Trump International Hotel Tower, which was dealing with Wishna.
So far there is no information whether he is involved in our story.




Owner of MGM Mirage, business engaged in the development, ownership and operation of hotels and casinos throughout the world. MGM Mirage includes Circus Circus and  Monte Carlo Resort and Casino ЛасВегас, which hosts a famous show of Lance Burton.
So far there is no information whether he is involved in our story.

Here come the last of the billionaires’ list


He is a permanent leader and owner of the Canadian Cirque du Soleil (Circus of Sun), aspirer, billionaire and simply a circus artist, who became the seventh space tourist from planet Earth.

He is quite an interesting person.

Here are the things that, in my opinion, unite him with Michael.


1. Age
Guy and Michael are almost coevals. Now Guy is 50.

2. As well as Michael Guy Laliberte is an innovator in his sphere; he uses untraditional approach, he is definitely a talented person and at the same time an eminent businessman. He has made his way from poverty all by himself. 

The history of the legendary circus resembles Fellini movies: in the beginning of 1980-ies a troupe of poor artists was walking along the streets of Canadian cities, giving some simple performances of jugglers, stilts, musicians, and called themselves as Les Echassiers de Baie-Saint-Paul (named after their home town). Among other artists there was a young Guy Laliberte – a self-taught fakir. It was him who in several years will make this troupe be the symbol of Canada – third in popularity after hockey and maple syrup. 

Laliberte is one of the richest men of the world. Cirque du Soleil has brought him a fortune of 2,5 milliard dollars. Today Cirque du Soleil is a true legend. It is the most powerful and dynamically developing circus corporation as well as one of the most successful companies in the entertainment industry.  In 1984 there were 73 people working for it, nowadays – four thousand, 25% of which are the artists themselves. There are seven shows travelling around the world (they have been to 200 cities from Japan to South America) and there are 10 shows that are running constantly in Las Vegas, Orlando, New York and Tokyo. The heart of the circus and the main kitchen of it are in Montreal where the show is being created, prepared, sewed and recorded.

According to the statistics made by the circus, during 25 years the show was visited by 80 million of people. In 2009 the show was seen by 10 million of people. Every show is a high technology performance, which combines acrobatics, clownery, dance, music, light effects, variety of fabrics and colors. Guy Laliberte has made a revolution in the art of circus, having made some global changes in the vision of the circus itself. He has reoriented the shows, which traditionally were considered to be for children, to the shows for grown ups. Nowadays his shows are taken in the same level as musicals or theatrical plays. He refused from arena and replaced it with stage. He refused from the animals and this way diminished the expenses. He made a single scenario instead of separate numbers. Hew refused from the clowns’ dialogues in order to avoid the language barrier and make his circus a really international one.

The troupe consists of artists from 40 different countries, they speak 25 languages. There are many Russians among them as well.

Cirque du Soleil make everything by themselves – from music to costumes, they do not drudge money for performances. For example, every year the costume designers use 20 km of fabric (only in 2007 they made 20 thousand costumes). Since 1998 the shoemakers have made about 5 thousand pairs of shoes. All of these things travel with circus all over the world. That is why they perform at the largest halls and the ticket price reaches several hundreds of Euros. 

3. Guy Laliberte as well as Michael is concerned with ecological problem on Earth.

“Laliberte decided to celebrate his 50th birthday, promote his brainchild and make a social-ecological action to preserve fresh water in space. The fearless clown has not reached the Sun of course, but he has spent long 11 cosmic days on the International Space Station. A long preparation preceded the flight.  On September, 30 the tourist was ready and fully equipped. On the way to the space-center Baykonur, he was followed by professional cosmonauts Maxim Suraev from Russia and JeffWilliams from the USA. From the space-center he went by carrier-rocket to space. On October, 9 Laliberte investigated the international space station, watched the Earth from the illuminators, ate puree from the tubes and learned to stay in the right position while flying along the narrow corridors full of cables and equipment. That date was a culmination of his flight to space – he held an interactional show, which was transmitted simultaneously on Earth and in space.

This show was called the first social and poetic mission. Social refers to his desire to attract attention to the lack of fresh water on Earth, which soon can become really drastic. Poetic, because Laliberte is an artist and he is going to strive for the ecology by artistic means.

The slogan of the show was “Turn the Earth and Stars for Water”. By the way while Laliberte was turning the stars in space, he was accompanied by the stars on Earth, among them ex-president of the USA Albert Gore, singer Bono, actress Salma Hayek, actor Matthew McConaughey, singer Shakira. Moreover there were ecologists, lawyers, struggling for the pure and healthy planet. All of them read a short part of the poem about water, written by Yann Martel, a Canadian writer. Artists of all kinds in 14 different cities were performing simultaneously. In Montreal it was of course Cirque du Soleil, in Paris romantic chanson was sung, Sydney hosted a concert of Tiffany Speight in Sydney Opera, in New York there was a street show on Times Square, in Rio – Brazilian rhythms. A concert of U2 was a very special moment. During the concert there was connection with the International Space Station and on the big screen everyone could see the smiling face of Guy Laliberte flying between the cables. The impression was pretty strong even through internet – there was live streaming (at 4 a.m. in Moscow). Some shows had been recorded beforehand, among them a show from Moscow. It was prepared by Nicolay Tsiskaridze. He and 50 young ballet dancers from Moscow Ballet Academy were spinning in dance on the empty stage of Maliy Theater. It was beautiful and touching – for sure it’s the best thing what we can do. But only time will show if Moscow can support the actions aiming at fresh water protection by any other means.”

 “Guy Laliberte also said that he would think of something special for the people on orbit. He promised to include a musical instrument to the allowed 5 kg of luggage. He said that he had already created some jokes and anecdotes to make them laugh, – “I will be the first clown in space!”

 … Looking like a big child, the seventh space tourist shared his impressions of seeing a space pavilion on one exhibition in Moscow back in sixties. He would also enjoy watching National Geographic channel about space flights. He doesn’t conceal that his biggest attraction in this flight is being part of a big family which consists of people from different countries. He is eager to learn some Russian and he trains a lot. He jokes that he is pretty short and for sure they can find him a little chair in the space ship. He hopes that many people will follow his example and will have the opportunity to go to space for much less money.


Don’t you agree that he is worthy of being a friend of Michael? Right at the time this show was in process, there were some interesting posts on http://jacksonlive.mybb.ru/viewtopic.php?id=537 (We, Michael and Philosophy):
Galochka: “Hello everyone! I would like to share with you some information. Our Michael has donated to the organization making a world wide transmission, which was devoted to the protection of fresh water on Earth. While watching the news on television, I saw Michael at the background behind every performer! I think this is quite logical – he has always been the first and often he was the organizer. It is nice that this time he participated again! Cool! ”

 Sudarshana: “Galochka, you won’t believe but while watching the news I couldn’t stop thinking of Michael! As if I felt that he was participating as well.”

 yappi: “This phrase looks so familiar, it reminds me of Michael. Guy Laliberte, a space tourist, “Together we can change the world. It’s all for water, water for all. Peace””

Katya: “I had the same feeling!”

Olgeya: “Girls, when I watched the news today, I also thought of Michael. I thought that the organizers were probably inspired by Michael’s example. It’s a pity that in our country mass media didn’t devote enough attention to that action.”

4. The biographer of Laliberte is notorious Ian Halperin, who is Michael’s biographer as well. Guy is indignant at the book he wrote and is going to suppress  it.



As you see there are many billionaires and circus lovers involved in our story. Something grandiose was being planned!!!

To be continued … 

English translation by Afalina 
© Olgeya_humayer 2010

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