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The Greatest Show on Earth. MICHAEL AND ILLUSIONISTS 2009. Part 5

 As we learned from Part 2, according to the words of Jack WISHNA Michael suddenly refused from staging the show in Las Vegas and decided to sign 50 concerts with AEG.

Mass media constantly spread the rumors that Michael has some negotiations with this or that illusionist (the full list of the illusionists is given below in chronological order). 


The official site of Copperfield
Twitter http://twitter.com/D_Copperfield http://twitter.com/d_copperfield
As far as I can understand the record starts on July, 3rd?

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/david.copperfields
MySpace: www.myspace.com/magicofdavidcopperfield


“When I was a child my I was a fan of Peter Pan: I tried to always think about good, I jumped on my bed but I could never fly. Probably David Copperfield is still a little boy deep in his soul, who can fly just as Peter Pan.”

What connects him with Michael?

In 1997 David Copperfield showed up in a movie Michael Jackson: HIStory on Film – Volume II.

He also starred in Liberian Girl video.

According to mass media, he was going to prepare some numbers for This Is It, but the friends couldn’t agree upon the price.

However, it turns out that the rumors are a 1st April’s joke!!!


Not according to Chris Kenner. Various online news outlets appear to have been caught up in the April Fools Day shenanigans which pop up every April 1st. Everyone from Yahoo News, MTV UK and Perez Hilton have been reporting stories along the lines of, "Michael Jackson is a huge fan of magic and has enlisted the help of illusionist David Copperfield to add some magic to his upcoming run of concerts in the UK." David’s producer and friend Chris Kenner told us by phone today, "I don’t have any idea where this came from. I have been getting hit with emails all day asking about this and there have been no such discussions." WHEW… I’m glad that we waited for secondary confirmation before posting anything.
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 02:21PM"

Don’t you find it strange? It looks like an attempt to trail a red herring across the path.





People say that in April Michael visited the show of Criss Angel “Believe”.

«Magic fan Michael Jackson is all set to attend the Cirque du Soleil show Believe starring Criss Angel on Saturday night at the Luxor. The King of Pop heads into Sin City for the Mindfreak’s show of theatrical illusions, and seats have been reserved in case his children tag along, too!
Additional hotel security is said to be on hand to deal with any rush of fans, and Michael will be brought in through a special side entrance directly from his limousine. It’s expected that he will arrive seconds after the curtain has gone up on the show to avoid audience distraction, and he will be taken to Criss’s dressing room backstage seconds before the show ends.
Posted by Webb on Sunday, April 5th, 2009 at 1:24 pm»

Steve Flynn, public relation consultant of Criss Angel, denies the possibility of Angel’s cooperation with Jackson.

Nevertheless, Criss continues to send some signs which point at his connection with Michael.

This is the last avatar Angel used on his Twitter.

Here people discuss the picture itself.  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=199268739413 

This is Criss Angel’s profile picture on twitter. What does this remind you of? With the chin, cheeks, nose, eyes, lips and of course the crown the skull resembles the King of pop. it could mean "our dead King is very much alive".

– The eyes are living eyes,
– The little "cut" in the chin (reference to Michael?) means "flesh" and not "bone".

– So, the crown ties everything together: Hey everybody, yeah, you think Mike’s dead, but look behind your "obvious truth”: his death is only an illusion.

(Photo taken from Twitter – "Another no eyes…")


e-mail laugh@comediansusa.com
Official site http://www.edalonzo.com/

The twitter has not been updated since March 13  http://twitter.com/alonzoed

And he has a very suspicious status "ALIVE"
http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com suppose that it can be a sign about a well-planned action
As a result Michal invited Ed Alonzo to prepare the show.  So who is he?
The guy is pretty interesting, he doesn’t possess that demonic attraction of Copperfield and Angel, but he is a clown-magician, who actively involves some comedy sketches to his performances. You can see it for yourself if you watch that funny man at WMA 2008. 


«The Misfit of Magic is a fitting title for magician, comedian and actor Ed Alonzo. Ed was named "Best Comedy Illusionist" on the 2008 World Magic Awards and is a featured performer on Episode 3 of Masters of Illusion. Ed began his career in magic as a member of both the Long Beach Mystics and the Junior program of the Magic Castle. Ed Alonzo won the coveted "Stage Magician of the Year" for two consecutive years, and "Comedy Magician of the Year" for another two consecutive years from the internationally recognized Academy of Magical Arts. Ed’s unique blend of vaudvilian comedy and such bizarrely staged illusions as "Great Rack" and the "Invisible Baby Elephant" make Ed a truly unique character.» 

He gains more popularity after collaboration with Britney Spears for her Circus Tour Show. There are many different articles in press about it. As far as I understand Alonzo participated in Britney’s show himself. 

Michael invited Ed 6 weeks prior to June 25.

«Amongst widespread rumors and denials from both Criss Angel and David Copperfield’s camp with regards to their alleged involvement in Michael Jackson’s forthcoming O2 concert gigs, E! has confirmed that illusions are indeed being designed by Ed Alonzo (who has most recently worked on Britney Spears’ Circus Tour) for use during the shows. Of the collaboration, Alonzo told E!: "I met with Michael Jackson a couple of days ago and am now officially creating magic and illusions for his concert. I will not be performing in the show as I do with Britney. I’m just creating the magic that Michael has requested in his vision… Michael has two routines in mind so far using magic elements that I am creating. I have to show him a demo of the effects next week. Then the props are to be built and he will start rehearsals. I will teach him the effects and help in staging them." Michael Jackson has forever been a fan of magic and has used illusions in previous concerts.»

Here are some comments to this news from people who hear about this guy for the first time in their lives http://www.mjfanclub.net/mjforum373/archive/index.php/t-4032.html&prev=

It looks as if his career is going up. In June 2009 “Magic” writes about Ed and his participation in Britney Spears’s Show.


Here is some news report from May 2009.

All Ed Alonzo – All Day

Yesterday was Ed Alonzo Day at the Magic Double-Wide we call home here in Mystic Hollow, Michigan.

We were cruising the web and getting up to date on all things magic when we read Inside Magic Favorite, Ed Alonzo will create the magic for Michael Jackson’s 50-date run in London.

Wow, that says a lot for both Ed Alonzo and Michael Jackson.

Ed Alonzo is famous within the world of magic, but is not yet a household name like David Copperfield, Li’l Tom Hardy, or Criss Angel.

Plus, he seems profoundly normal and decent.   There were no rumors of his dating or not dating Britney Spears either before or during his current employment with the bombshell that is Ms. Spears.

The postman came by and made some comments about our need to cut back on the magic magazines if we ever hoped to get out of debt.  He held three of our magic journals in one hand and a stack of bills in the other.

We thanked him for his unsolicited advice, slightly whistling through our broken incisor at just the right pitch to summon our playful pit bull – Doberman mix, Big Tom.

The uniformed know-it-all dropped the bills and magazines on the cedar chip path that winds from the access road to the front of our metal but homey abode.

Big Tom brought over this month’s Magic Magazine with pride.  He left the bills where they were scattered on the walkway.

There in the oppressive jaws of our puppy was Ed Alonzo.  Mr. Alonzo made the front cover of Magic Magazine.  How cool and synchronistic was that?

We considered the odds that we would have read about Mr. Alonzo signing with Michael Jackson and then receiving Magic Magazine from our dog in a condition that it was still readable, and that Mr. Alonzo would be on the cover of the magazine.

Plus, he wrote the article about his work with Britney Spears in the article teased on the cover, “How I Ran Away with the Circus.”  That might be a coincidence too, that there would be an article about him and he happened to be both the author and subject.

Our brain was not meant for statistics so we rounded the odds to about 50:50 — it would have happened or it wouldn’t have.

Regardless of our inability to calculate the coincidence of three or four independent events, Mr. Alonzo’s recent fame outside and inside the world of magic is impressive.

Our father, Li’l Tom Hardy once opined, “Who ever said good things come to those who wait, never waited for a prostate exam.”

Mr. Alonzo has not just been waiting around for fame to find him.  His hard work and creativity now make him the go-to person for the big acts.

It couldn’t have happened to a better person.  Congratulations, Mr. Alonzo!


Alonzo was one of those who were in touch with Michael not long before June 25

Says Ed Alonzo, the "Misfit of Magic" who created illusions for Britney Spears‘ Circus tour and joined Jackson’s show six weeks ago: "It was an amazing show. The thing was just days away from being perfected. It was incredible. Even though it was just a walk-through with the dancers, his moves were dead-on — the same Michael Jackson we (saw) through the years in music videos."

When Jackson kicked off what turned out to be his final rehearsal, he donned a headset microphone, strolled to an elevated platform and launched into his 1991 hit Dangerous— first a cappella, then with the band.

"He wasn’t singing full-out, but he was singing," Alonzo says. "They ran the number a couple of times and started to bring more props onstage that he looked at for the Thriller number. Every song he was doing was not just singing, but surrounded by huge production — gigantic spiders and 20-foot puppets. I feel I was so blessed to see the only performance of this concert."

Jackson appeared underweight but not sick, he says.

When they hugged, "he felt very thin," Alonzo says. "Even the first time I met him, 20 years ago at Neverland (Jackson’s ranch in Santa Barbara County, Calif.), he was thin. So it didn’t strike me as odd, other than he seemed fragile. But his energy and the way he moved and spoke had a lot of impact. His soul didn’t seem fragile at all. This is just a thin guy."

Alonzo had designed dazzling effects for the show, including a glass sphere that would float around Jackson during the opening song, 1982’s Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’.

The globe was designed to light up and grow brighter as it drifted over the crowd before landing in Jackson’s palm. Jackson’s instructions, according to Alonzo: "I want people to scream for miles."

For a splashy version of Dirty Diana, Jackson wanted a flaming bed with a pole-dancing aerialist "playing the part of the fire," Alonzo says.

The elaborately plotted stunt: Jackson intended to be pursued around the bed by the "fire woman," and each time she touched the stage, flames in the form of fluttering crimson fabric would shoot skyward.

After she caught him, she would lash him to the bed’s tall posts with gold rope and a sheet of red fabric would billow before him, illuminating his struggling silhouette.

When the sheet fell, the magic trick would be triggered — the woman would be revealed as the one ensnared, and Jackson would materialize on a stage in the center of the arena.



1. Why has Michael chosen Ed Alonzo, an obscurity, instead of world famous Copperfield and Angel? Can it be lack of budget or anything else?

2. Why does Alonzo always willingly write on MySpace about his collaboration with Britney and not a single word about his cooperation with Michael? He has worked with Michael for six weeks and it could be a good chance to promote himself once again remembering the latter King, but Ed practically doesn’t mention Michael. There are no photos of him with Michael on MySpace, no any reference. All the interviews were taken after June 25. On his official site there is only a little banner directing you to the page where all the articles about his participation in This Is It are posted.

Dragonfly: “Moreover, on his official site you can see Celebrity Photo Album and find his photos with David Copperfield (!) and Criss Angel (!). There are several photos with Britney Spears (!). And there is none with Michael Jackson!!!

Can it be that working next to Michael he has never tried to take a photo? None of the artists would refuse from such a chance. Everyone needs promotion!

It is obvious that at the moment the highest achievement of his career is working with Britney Spears. But who is Britney Spears in comparison to Michael Jackson? An imitation pearl compared to the diamond.  

Maybe he is upset that it didn’t work out and he doesn’t want to mention his might-have-been hopes? But then he could have just said how good Michael was, how nice it was to talk to him and so on… It all makes me think that Ed Alonzo has never worked with Michael. He hasn’t ever seen him in person. Nothing else comes to my mind…”

The rabbit gets Alonzo out of hat                
I managed to get into Alonzo’s facebook friends’ list.


There is only one notification of Michael in the beginning of October – he posted trailer to the movie and wrote:

"As most of you know, I worked with the great Michael Jackson designing magic for his tour. Look closely and you will see me in the clip holding hands with the cast on the sad day."
says about this moment. But it is very short.

And there is ONLY five comments under this post!!!

And thats it. Generally there is Britney, his own performances and the whole album (!!!) dedicated to FarmVille!!!
"Ed found a sad, lonely black kitten on their farm. Oh no!
Ed was farming when a sad, lonely black kitten wandered onto their farm in FarmVille. She’s been searching for her lost friend who likes to hide inside of Jack-O-Lanterns. She feels very sad and could use a new home and help finding her friend."

Dragonfly: “There is no name of Ed Alonzo in the list of those who worked on This Is it Movie. Here is the list http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1477715/fullcredits#cast. He is not in the list. It means that if he was there with Michael and Ortega, he did something but not for the film… or not FOR THIS film…”


So now we know that Ed Alonzo was an official illusionist of This Is It, but for some reason he is not mentioned in the crew.

We also know that he keeps silent about his part.

Ortega’s interview:

Question: Are there any musical numbers which are not in the film because they were not recorded?

KO: Yes, hmm, yes. The day Michael died we were waiting for him to work on Dirty Diana, to finish Dirty Diana, when he vanishes in the haze and then suddenly appears on the other side of the stage on the lift to sing Beat It. He was waiting for this work so much. The day before that he told me that he was very happy. He saw that his dream was coming true on stage. There was one thing he wanted me to tell the crew and the dancers: “I love them. Everyone is doing a great job. I love you, Kenny. See you tomorrow. Thank you.” He left and we were inspired. We came the next day and we were all on stage. We were eager to work with illusionists, with technicians. Daniel, an air gymnast, and Tony Testa, a choreographer who substituted Michael, were with us then. We were making everything ready to the moment he comes. It had to become on of his favorite days, because he liked magic. And when we got the news, everything stopped. 


Illusionists in plural!!!

To be continued



English translation by Afalina 

© Olgeya_humayer 2010


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