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Soldiers of L.O.V.E. – Part II

Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Akon Talks Michael Jackson

Rumours to whether Akon will appear on Jacko’s posthumous album This Is It have been surrounding the singer over the past few weeks as plans to release new tracks have been announced for October.”

“The Sexy Chick singer stated: “Well a lot of material recorded before MJ’s passing, the estate has control over a lot of that stuff, so they’ll be deciding what goes out and when it goes out and what’ll get cleared and when it’ll get cleared.” He added: “So all we can do is hope and pray that people allow them to do their jobs to the point were they are gonna allow that music to be released to the public. And have them be able to fulfil that experience.”

Akon On Michael Jackson: “He Was Completely Healthy

“Would you want any of the material you laid down with him to see the light of day?

Right now they’re pretty much all ideas, but if there is anything to be done to them, of course I would let the family make all those decisions. I think it’s their right to figure out how they want his music distributed or finish these records before we move on with it. I wouldn’t ever take it upon myself to try to release any of his music without working with the family.

When was the last time you talked to him?

We probably talked about three months ago, before I went on this European run. The last we spoke he was in L.A. working on and rehearsing for the tour, and I was actually going to go check out a couple of those rehearsals, see where he was at. He was eating healthy, working out, getting ready for this show.”

Hopefully we will soon hear the new songs. And, incidentally, Akon is also included in the catalog of Michael Jackson  Sony/ATV Music Publishing.


I know you recorded some material with Jackson when he was alive. Will the public ever get to hear that? Will it get released from the vaults?I’m not gonna release it.Why don’t want the public to hear it?I don’t think it’s fair to release unfinished material to capitalize on him passing. It’s not right. We didn’t put it out when he was alive so why should we put it out now that he’s gone?How many songs did you do with him?We wrote about six songs.”  The wall street journalFailed Guitarist Ne-Yo on Writing Songs With Michael JacksonMichael Jackson, who asked Ne-Yo to write songs for his comeback album. “Yeah, Michael’s putting together a new album, and I’m helping him out with it,” he confirmed. According to Ne-Yo, Jackson himself called to get him onboard.

But in the end, Jackson managed to talk Ne-Yo into the project. “He said he had a very high appreciation for my appreciation for melody. His music is all about the melody, and that’s the only sort of real direction he gave me: ‘Just make sure the song is as melodic as possible. I want to get back to that.'” Jackson apparently also gave some instructions on subject matter for lyrics, but, Ne-Yo said, “it was very much keep it to yourself.” At this point, Ne-Yo has written a number of tracks, which he submits to Jackson as MP3s via e-mail; then, Ne-Yo said, “he’ll call me back and say, ‘I really like song No. 3. Song No. 4, the hook could be stronger. Song No. 1, change the first verse. Okay, bye.’ Click. And then I redo them and he’s like, ‘Okay, they’re perfect. Send me more.’ So I don’t know what he’s keeping, what he’s getting rid of, what he’s recording.”

Will this be Michael Jackson’s comeback album? Ne-Yo hopes so. “He’s definitely trying,” he said. “He’s trying to get back to a place where people remember why they love Michael Jackson in the first place. In the beginning, you didn’t care about Michael Jackson’s personal life. It was about his dancing and his music. That was why you loved Mike. He’s trying to get back there. And I’m trying to help.”

March 16, 2009

“*Vegas superstar Ne-Yo will join with Will.I.Am to complete Michael’s album, which will be released at the same time as the first concerts. Ne-Yo is scheduled to perform in July on one of the open alternating dates at 02 Arena.

And yet will we hear Michael’s comeback album with new songs?
Do not be surprised, but Will.i.am and Ne-Yo is also in the catalog  Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

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