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Signs from Nelson De La Nuez. Illuminati again?

 And to refresh our memory we will do excursus back into the history.
A long time ago on different sites that are dedicated to Michael Jackson death, not once we have talked about buying paintings by famous artist Nelson De La Nuez shortly before June 25, 2009.
The purchase No 1.
June 11, 2009 MJ bought three paintings by Nelson De La Nuez: "Donut Queen", "Play Ball!», "Wicked Witch".

A few days prior to June 25 he bought some more paintings "Alice in Dali Land," "Flavor of the Month" and "Lost Fairy Tales" 

I am not to do a detailed analysis of these paintings. You may read about it here http://vivere.mybb.ru/viewtopic.php?id=197 

Today we will look at a recent painting Nelson De La Nuez and its possible connection to Michael Jackson and Iluminati.

More info here

So, this is a painting in the two different variants.

1. The title itself:
Family Reunion
Welcoming of a lost son returing to the Mason family? Or does it represents the Jackson’s family?
There is a poster "Welcome Home"
2. A Masonic sign on a humanoids lapel.
Is this a hint on alien reptiles? There are many sites dedicated to Iluminati that are deal with theories about extraterrestrial origin of this organization.

3. The cat whose ‘paw’ is hidden under the jacket

This is one of the hidden Masonic signs.

The few famous Masons.

(see here http://vigilantcitizen.com/)
4. "Lucifer";

Well, here I have a clear association with Lucifer ,who is the main figure of Iluminati, and around his eye we see a pentagonal star. This is the all seeing eye in a triangle (pyramid)

I think everyone knows it, but to actually see this tendency in show business will be interesting…
Lady Gaga


Gaga and Beyonce

Kerli (by the way she had a sountrack for "Alice in Wonderland" called „Strange”;)

A group "Paramore"




Mylene Farmer

Christina Aguilera – (the photosession to the new album)

(new photosession)

5. A spider

I’ll repeat myself here:
"I couldn’t get my mind off that spider in "TII". It’s not really clear why is it there, why is MJ climbing out of it?

And I decided to google "the spider and Iluminati". I found an interesting arlicle about Iluminati. Read this phrase:
"The spider’s web that has been spun around the earth has its operational centre in Europe, in London, Rome, Paris, Berlin and Brussels. It is structured like a transnational corporation with the headquarters dictating ‘corporate’ policy to the ‘subsidiary companies’, the secret society networks in each country that answer to the ‘spider’. In turn, these national networks have their own subsidiaries in the cities, towns and communities.

In this way, the spider, which is very closely connected to the Rothschild dynasty, can influence all levels of society in any country and Iran is no different. It may not be as easy in Iran as it would be in Britain or America, but they can still do it and have done it many times.

Moroshka decided to read about Illuminati Symbols and found something pretty interesting here http://www.illuminatisymbolism.com/
Black widow in Copenhagen, Denmark.
 Rockefeller center black widow
Guggenheim black widow

6. A bee

PRO: "Bee – a symbol of the Merovingian dynasty and Freemasonry, because all the bees are born from one queen bee.".
The same thing is highlighted by the image of Jesus under the bee – it is believed that the Merovingians are descended from Christ.
«"The list of the thirteen most powerful Illyuminati families include Astor, the Bund, Collins, DuPont, Frimeky, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefellers, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyny and the Merovingians. Under the Merovingians in this case refers to all the European royal family."».
7. Queen
Continuing the theme of the Merovingians…

PRO assumes that Queen Elizabeth in her early years.

8. A handbag
On the bag we can see a skull and crossed bones.

silver_glepha: "The Order of Skull and Bones
silver_glepha helped with this: The Order of Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones = the Illuminati?
Order of Skull and Bones – part of the Illuminati?

“When a person is initiated into Skull and Bones, he is given a new name, as in the practice of the Illuminati. And many registered (known to us) Illuminati have contact with and / or strong influence on many professors who taught "Bonesmen" in Berlin.”

“When a secret society conspires against the sovereignty of a king, they need to organize, raise funds, make their plans operational, and hopefully bring them to fruition.”

“Could we have in the United States a secret society that has used the "National Security State" as a cover for their nefarious plans?”

More info here – “The Order of Skull and Bones by Chris Millegan http://depositfiles.com/files/s579driwr

9. A dog and a bowl with the IKE tag

silver_glepha put forward the theory that this is David Icke, the man who wrote many books disclosing the Masons, government conspiracies and reptile ruling clans.
The dog – a symbol of a man who is looking for something
His site http://www.davidicke.com/
IKE and ICKE in English transcription sound the same.

mama drew attention to this song by MJ
"They Don’t Care About Us":
Skin head
Dead head
Gone bad
In the suite
On the news
Dog food
Bang bang
Shock dead
Gone mad
Ike – slang. stupid, uncouth person http://www.multitran.ru/c/m.exe?t=2266959_1_2
Dog food – (Idiom, slang, metaphor) – [please, help me with this one]

10. The red laces on girl’s hands

Moroshka noticed that these laces are similar to those Michael was so fond of wearing.

11. 33

This number is very special for Freemasons. There are many levels of initiation and 33 degrees – the highest level for non-Jews.

12. Tooth Fairy

Idiom: Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy/Santa Claus
Meaning: Believing in something that is not true

What is the meaning here? Do we all believe in lies? Or are the Illuminati just like tooth fairy?

13. Sunflowers with smiling faces.

We have been hearing about sunflowers for quite a long time …
In February, during the trial of Conrad Murray we were struck by ‘the design’ of judge. Some toy cars, and sunflowers … Not very seriously, isn’t it?

This is a screenshot from the movie "The Wizard of Oz", where Michael played the scarecrow. where Michael played the scarecrow. We see taxi cabs and sunflowers in the background.
This tale had a lot of references throughout the investigation.
Ligh found a remarkable extract from the book about the field of sunflowers which appeared out of nowhere.

Ligh found a remarkable passage from the book on  http://booksbaby.ru/library/baum_laimen_frenk/chudesnaya_strana_oz/44 44 about the field of sunflowers, which appeared out of nowhere …

"But before we set off on a journey, Mombo clarified by magic, that her enemies at the same time, just going in there, where she is. She retired to a tiny room at the top of his tower, and there, locked away for a long time poring, erecting the way Frighteners and his friends all sorts of obstacles. That is why Tin Woodman stopped suddenly in the middle of the road and threw up his hands: – I do not understand … In this place I could think to go with my eyes closed, and so on you – lost his way! – Is it possible? – excited Scarecrow.
How did you get that, my dear friend, that we lost?
– You see this huge field of sunflowers? I swear I did not see it here, how many went.
At these words all looked around, and what? Wide field around them and indeed all overgrown with tall stems, each of which was crowned with an enormous flower. These flowers, dazzlingly bright, gold and red, moreover, has revolved as tiny windmills.
From this whirling and flickering travellers altogether confused.
It’s witchcraft! – Exclaimed type. For some time they stood, not knowing what to do. Then the Tin Woodman grunted, swung with all his strength with an ax and began hacking the wall facing it stems. The flowers are sunflowers immediately stopped spinning, but now at the heart of everyone seemed pretty girlish face. Lichika these coquettish smile, and seeing what a surprise and dismay plunged travellers their appearance, together with laughter and fun.
– Stop! Stop! – Shouted Type, grabbing a woodcutter for the iron hand.
– Do not you see – they’re alive! At the same moment the flowers began to rotate again, and the person disappeared. Tin Woodman dropped his ax and in extreme frustration sat on the ground.
– Raise a hand to such a lovely creature would be heartless! – He cried bitterly. – But I’ve no idea, as we now move on. – These girls are very similar to the rebels – said the Scarecrow thoughtfully. – It is not clear just how they could have so quickly track down and overtake. – I am quite sure that there witchcraft was involved, – said the firm type, – someone decided to play with us a cruel joke, and that someone, most likely, – the old Mombo. It is likely that there are no sunflowers are not – we only seem to be. – Then let’s try to close my eyes and walk through them – invited the Tin Woodman. – There is no good, – he sighed Scarecrow, – because my eyes were drawn open. If you have iron lids, do not think that we are all arranged the same way as you.
– The horse, for example, instead of the eye – swirls – said the type, then leaned over to his four-legged friend and very carefully looked at him. – Come, – commanded Type horse – gallop ahead, and we are behind you, and so rid perhaps obsession. I already dazzled the eyes and head splitting. So, Pumpkinhead spurred his horse and started after type. Brought up the rear Scarecrow and Tin Woodman. They did just a few steps and discovered that the path is completely free.
odsolnuhov, oddly enough, no trace. The company boldly moved forward, but the old Mombo did not want to give up – she thought out all the new tricks. View of the surroundings kept changing, and travellers, of course, would be lost if not wisdom Frighteners: he decided that the direction should be determined only by the sun, – as well as no witchcraft could not change the way the sun across the sky

May 12, 2010. The well-known tabloid tmz.com publishes an article entitled

Lisa Marie Presley wanted to see the flowers on the grave MJ

Lisa Marie Presley claims she’s disappointed at the "empty space" surrounding Michael Jackson’s tomb — so she’s now challenging MJ fans to flood the place with sunflowers ASAP.

LMP just posted a message on her MySpace page describing her recent visit to Michael’s grave site at Forest Lawn. Presley — who was married to MJ back in the ’90s — says she believes Michael "deserves more" than the "few bouquets, candles and gifts" that currently surround Michael’s grave.

Presley — who notes Michael’s infatuation with sunflowers — is calling for fans to send a "Sun Shower" to the tomb because, "I know how much he loved and appreciated being showered with Gifts and flowers by his fans."

Presley suggests that if every fan sends "one silk sunflower" to the site, "the whole area around him and in front of him … could be filled up in no time."


Her call was heard and on 13th of May the flower company [сайт] was ready to send several thousands sunflowers 


Ligh found the information that on the Larry King show Miko Brando congratulated Larry on 25 th anniversary of the show, presented him with flowers and told him that hу has a new business, flower shop, which is called ………… "Flowers From Michael"
As alleged, this shop is in Hollywood.
Hoaksery, of course, explained, and say that there is a flower shop, but he is called "Flowers by Michael."
(And he had nothing to do with Miko Brando has not!)
Flowers By Michael of Beverly Hills Boxes | Facebook
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212; Phone: (310) 276-1003/ 310-274-9215 Fax
Flowers were presented to Larry King from Michael by Miko!

I believe that to be continued … )))

Special thanks for taking part in discussions and valuable discoveries PRO, silver_glepha, Moroshka, ligh, mama, Вивьен, Bebbit, Neo, ven77, bold0, Классный руководитель


©  Olgeya_humayer 2010

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    Well. Let’s look at Family Reunion again. I noticed one more MASONIC symbol. Oscar in the girl’s hand. Oscar is often syncretized with Osiris. Read this http://www.illuminati-news.com/Articles/144.html

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