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After reading Olgeya’s and Arven’s post about Michael’s shareholding in the Hotel in Africa (Out of Africa…), I wanted to know more about the former owner of it – Sol Kerzner

Why is it this hotel network? Sun City?,_North_West

Did Michael decide to invest his money and to become a shareholder?
Michael became interested in Africa after his meeting with Nelson Mandela.

Michael has met Sol supposedly in 1998 or may be even earlier. And in 1998 Michael

had already performed at the opening of Sol’s new hotel “Atlantis” on the Bahamas

Later, Michael loved to stay at this hotel in the suite for 25000$ per night.
Sol as a successful businessman should know a lot of famous people of his country…and not only of his country.

Sol Kerzner and Nelson Mandela:

His close relationships with Mandela be beyond any doubt because Sol has helped to pay for wedding of Nelson’s daughter Sol and Donald Trump (Sol’s wife in the claret red dress):

In 1999 the The Guardian posted an article that Michael has bought 27 % of Sun International holding. The deal was appraised at 40 million pounds.
Sun International company was founded in 1993 and later in 2002 renamed in Kerzner International Holdings Limited.

Also Michael and co have thought about building of a theme park in Namibia and the establishment of an Orphanage in Swaziland as the tourism project.

Let’s move to Vegas.
In 2007 it was decided to open a new resort in Vegas. To manage this project should our Sol.

And the distribution of shares between the joint venture Kerzner International Holdings Limited and MGM Mirage was 50/50: Sol’s money/ MGM’s territory. But Sol Kerzner owns 27% of MGM Mirage. So…Michael also takes his profit

Also Sol Kerzner made a stab at O2. A super-casino was planned by Mr Kerzner’s company and Anshutz Entertainment Group, which developed and operates what is now known as The 02, as part of the liberalisation of Britain’s casino market.
But after the Government granted a single trial super-casino licence to Manchester in January 2007, AEG announced that the casino would not be built in the near future.

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