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His game will electrify the world (Kenny Ortega & Ko – Part VI)

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment

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The GAME continues …

Familiar faces—>>>

Tyne Elise Stecklein from This Is It

and Shannon Holtzapffel


I’m just saying.

Special thanks to Olgeya for help.

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Connecting dots…Are you a dot?

September 10, 2010 6 comments

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Finally I register on the site

At first glance, an ordinary fansite with organized action of creating a portrait of Michael Jackson from the points.

The motto of the site 1 Dot = 1 Fan.

Who made these first point? And why the administration site apologizing?

Since then begin strangeness.

Among many there tab – Write a Message.

“Compose Message To Michael. Write your message to Michael below, then click “Post Entry.”

So, to whom I should write a letter?

And who ultimately will read it? Site administration … or Michael Jackson himself.

I think the second … Lol.

The site owner Jerry Biederman. Producer and writer.

Among his works is the script for the show Criss Angel “Mindfreak” (2002).

An interesting coincidence is not it?

Strong video. I first saw this movie last summer.
No mention of the death.

And the new version…

Familiar faces. On the connection many of them with the hoax death you already know.

But I want to elaborate on Maya Angelou. She is a famous poet.

And her poem read at the memorial Queen Latifah July 7, 2009.

But interestingly this:

“Riverside, Oct 7 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The noted author and poet Maya Angelou who was supposed to be sick and even passed away is all hale and hearty. She sent a video of her good health and set the record straight. On Saturday, various news sources and blogs, such as TMZ, were reporting that Angelou was supposed to be honored at the BraveHeart Awards but had been hospitalized prior to arrival.According to Maya, she was never supposed to have attended the award function, so she had instead sent a taped speech on her behalf. This may have been the root cause of all the confusion.“It’s been a burden—I have family here and family of friends all over the country who called me responding to an erroneous account that I was sick and maybe even dying,” Angelou said. She refrained from specifying any media sources that initiated the false information but still managed to shed light on what she thought about the situation and the news sources that publicized it. “I feel sorry for a person who only has that much of life. Life is for the living and life loves the liver of it. You should be trying to live your own life, not trying to talk about somebody else’s death—that’s stupid.”“I think people rely on them too much. I know people who go to those sites faithfully. Celebrities can’t blow their nose without paparazzi,” said Brittany Long, a junior television production major. “How are you just going to say Maya Angelou died?”
Since the posting, needed to revise the false information and added that Angelou is “alive and well.”

Special thanks to Olgeya, Silver Glepha and Daria.

And by the way I am a dot.

(By copying the link to the blog is required)

Video version post


The Greatest Show on Earth – continued…

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Camera! Lights! Action!

September 2, 2010 2 comments

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Periodically, I go back to the events of June 25, 2009, and find new evidence of falsification of the death of Michael Jackson. Do not stop to admire the creativity, wit and sense of humor, the creator of this fascinating adventure.

Also I was always interested in the technical side of the issue.

In the autumn of last year, many of the believers have solved the riddle of arrival of the ambulance to the Medical Center, UCLA.

As it turned out, there were 2 ambulances. At the gates of Holmby Hills and UCLA were different machines.

Also we all remember how Ben Evenstad slip in that shooting departure ambulances were shot in “those days”.

So, are you ready? We are ready to continue the adventure?

You need only to believe, open your eyes and heart.

God bless America, because here everything is possible.

It turns out to LAFD is routine partying in support of his plot.

Probably, and hire a car for own purposes and not one is also quite common. Would money.

June 13, 2010 at station # 71 LAPD, Pancake Breakfast.

It seems to be nothing unusual.

“We hope you will join us for this fun morning.Even if you are unable to come, please consider supporting the firemen who put themselves out for us every day.Send in your tax-deductible donation to:“Adopt Fire Station 71
100 Bel Air Road
Los Angeles, CA 9007″

It turns out anyone can make “donations” to the public entity.

But the most interesting on. Are you ready? …
Among the holiday photos, I saw … yes, very familiar cars. It seems that I recognize them with eyes closed among the many … Lol




And now look at more closely.

Now let me remember you how it was June 25 (?), 2009



Another joke from TMZ

August 26, 2010 4 comments

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About an hour ago TMZ added an article Joe Jackson — Dr. Murray Held MJ Drug Intervention with photo Joe and … well-known actor John Amos named Conrad Murray.


A few minutes later photos in the article was replaced with a new one.

Regular jokes from TMZ … Lol


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Out of Africa…

August 24, 2010 3 comments

Well, many fansite since last year is repeating information that perhaps Michael is a shareholder of one of the most prestigious hotels in South Africa.

I am very interested in this information because I do not believe in debt by Michael as a possible cause falsification of death.

So, what is this mythical hotel. Let’s see.
By reviewing multiple pages in google I found only one mention of Share-holding is Michael Jackson.

“The Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town, The Palace of the Lost City at Sun City and The Royal Livingstone at the Victoria Falls in Zambia are the three 5-star Sun International destinations that shape the Route of the African Sun. As you chase the African Sun you will
come to appreciate the sterling service and unparalleled excellence that all three diverse destinations offer.”

In a world travel guide Frommer’s South Africa, 5th Edition has a note:

Sun City & The Palace of the Lost City

Developed by Sol Kerzner, the boxer-turned-businessman known locally as the “Sun King,” who capitalized on South Africa’s stern antigambling laws by situating Sun City in the then homeland of Bophuthatswana, Sun City is unlikely to bowl over anyone who’s ever been to Vegas, but it continues to rake in visitors and Bollywood film crews who love its larger than life atmosphere. The resort is relatively easy to get around, with shuttle buses constantly moving from one end to the next. A “sky train” takes visitors without cars from the entrance to the entertainment center. Closest to the entrance are the Kwena Crocodile Sanctuary, Waterworld, and The Cabanas, followed by the tacky Sun City Hotel, Casino, and world-famous Gary Player Golf Club. Adjoining this club to the north is the more upmarket Cascades Hotel and Entertainment Centre, from where you enter the grounds of the Palace of the Lost City — for most visitors, the star attraction.

The Palace was built 12 years after Sun City opened, and the sheer magnitude of its opulence is proof of the amount of money taken from those frequenting Sun City’s slot machines and tables. Separated from the rest of the resort by “The Bridge of Time” — a large stone structure that shudders and rumbles at preappointed times from a mythical earthquake, and is lined with a “guard of honor” of carved elephants — the Palace is entered through the massive Mighty Kong Gates. Looking down on the rivers and jungle vegetation, it’s hard to imagine that 15 years ago this was nothing but a dusty, rocky plain. From the bridge, you can clearly see the “Valley of Waves,” where landlocked Gautengers learn to “surf” on simulated waves, tan on man-made beaches, and hurtle down steep waterslides, reaching speeds of up to 35kmph (22 mph; note that the Valley is closed in winter). In the distance, overlooking a lake filled with live flamingos, is the majestic Palace, with what seems like an entire jungle of carved animals in attendance. Surrounding the Palace is what must be the most artfully landscaped garden in Africa, featuring five trails through 22 different sections of forest. The theme (that of a “lost city” that has been rediscovered and restored) is sometimes carried to ridiculous extremes, but the craftsmanship is world-class; the fantasy landscape is quite overwhelming. With Michael Jackson a majority shareholder, things can only get weirder.”

Interestingly, the mention of Michael is in the fifth edition of the guide and not in the sixth, which came into circulation in December 2009.

“As one of the king’s subjects you will stay in a room that matches your status;

338 rooms offer luxury ranging from just plain standard (and plain they are by comparison) to the king’s suite which was good enough for Michael Jackson.”

Summing up a little I would say – the rumors about 300 million of debt as they were and still rumors created by TMZ and Michael. No court has not been the reality for the debts after 25.06.2009, but what betrayed TMZ … I leave for thought. Michael may well be a shareholder, and under an assumed name…


1999 or 2009/2010???

July 27, 2010 2 comments

So when photos were taken in a series of blue eyes?
In 1999 or 2009/2010?

Here a link to full size.
I found on some comparisons.
See …


Almost no difference is not it?

©arvenru 2010

Michael Jackson`s 4D hologram is a reality…

July 16, 2010 2 comments

I want to first apologize for the possible incorrect translation. I translated this article from the French and Korean into English.

The Korean company has been contacted Strict On in May by an American company to make a hologram of Michael Jackson.

Negotiations are ongoing.

Specializing in the production of plays 4D, D’Strict recently made headlines at the World Conference of Arts Education 2010, with the show “Digilog Samulnori” Digilog Samulnori put particular stage of real people, holograms of traditional drummers surrounded by digital flowers whose movements responded to sounds.

Lee Woo-hyun, director of the company D’strict, said in effect: “We are also studying the creation of holograms of our own national cultural property.”

On Michael Jackson, the last time the possibility of using a hologram in a show was mentioned was the fact the company Cirque du Soleil on the show scheduled for 2012.

However, it is important to note that Lee Woo-hyun did not specify how society was strictly D’currently under negotiation.

Sources: / MJLegend/

*** ***


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Barber or an actor?

June 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Let’s see…

I noticed something strange in the video and photos.
Do not you think that the barber in the showroom and on the video are two different people?
See …

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FIFA 2010…Coca-Cola…Sony…Sunflowers…

June 9, 2010 7 comments

A few days later to start the World Cup, and traced some interesting connections.

Official sponsors of FIFA 2010 are the Sony and Coca-Cola.

In South Africa there is the stadium named Ellis Park or Coca Cola Park.

The Sunflower Stadium or Nelson Mandela Bay stadium.


Think in words.

Let us stand as one
Doesn’t matter where your from
As we dance and sing together

No more black or white
There’s no need to fight
As we blow our Vuvuzela

It`s 2010
Here we go again
I`m glad to say that im proudly
South African
This is where the party is at and
we kickin it off
And that`s a fact
End to end goal mouth action
Soccer satisfaction
Here the crowd`s reaction

An interesting pendant around the neck of Joe.

Special thanks to Sobachka Dingo, Mila with
© Arvenru 2010