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Dream team!)))))))

February 15, 2011 2 comments

Do you know the formula for success? Burger, coca cola, good show and some MJ, so we got the DreamTeam. Let’s read the last TMZnews and remember what we were talking about!

TMZ today…
Michael Jackson: Do You Want Fries With That?
Faye told cops, “He was scared to death because AEG was funding everything. He said he would have to work at McDonalds if he didn’t do these shows.”



Two gentlemen

George A. Cohon, OC, O.Ont (born April 19, 1937) is an American-born Canadian businessman who is the founder and senior chairman ofMcDonald’s of Canada and McDonald’s of Russia.
Born in Chicago, Illinois, he received a B.Sc. from Drake University and a Juris Doctor degree from the Northwestern University School of Law. He practiced corporate law in Chicago from 1961 through 1967. In 1967 he moved to Toronto, Ontario, as the licensee of McDonald’s Corporation for Eastern Canada. In 1971, he became chairman, president and chief executive officer of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada.
He was involved in opening McDonald’s in the former Soviet Union with the first restaurant opening in Moscow in 1990.
The first restaurant was at the time McDonald’s biggest, and was opened with minimal involvement from the U.S. parent company, for political reasons. It accepted only Russian rubles, not hard currency, and in the early days, the line to enter the restaurant could be several hours long. Due to Soviet supply shortages, the company created its own supply chain in the Soviet Union, including farms and packaging. At the 1991 G7 Summit in London,Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (Cohon’s personal friend) personally complained to Mikhail Gorbachev about the difficulties Cohon was experiencing doing business in the Soviet Union.[1]
He is the founder of Ronald McDonald House Charities, which provides accommodation for families whose children are receiving medical treatment, in Canada and in Russia.
He is a member of the board of directors of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited, Royal Bank of Canada and Astral Media Inc. He was a member of Board of Governors of York University between 1982 and 1995.
He became a Canadian citizen in 1975. He was awarded the Order of Ontario in 2000. In 1987 he was made a Member of the Order of Canadaand was promoted to Officer in 1992.
He wrote an auto-biography, To Russia With Fries. His son, Mark Cohon, is the Canadian Football League’s 12th commissioner.
His business card can be redeemed for a free Big Mac at any McDonald’s location in Canada and Russia.

And here is his son also known as Coca-Cola Kid.

Craig Cohon chairs the Board at Worn Again and is Vice Chairman of Cirque du Soleil Russia. Prior to this he spent 8 years owning and running his own international development strategic advisor firm that built businesses in India and Africa. This included a modern clean energy enterprise with BP for rural Indian women.
Previously Craig had a 14-year executive-level career at Coca-Cola Company. He started their operations in Soviet Union in 1990 and lived in Moscow for 4 years. He ran marketing in Northern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and was the Coca-Cola brand director worldwide. He served as director of Learning Strategy for three years and in 2000 served as deputy division president for the Northwest Europe Division.
In 1993, Cohon received an Honorary Doctorate of Economics from Moscow International University. In 2000, the World Economic Forum named him “A Global Leader for Tomorrow.” Cohon earned his BA in liberal arts at the University of Western Ontario. Craig is an avid international traveler and investor and Chairman of Worn Again in London and serves on many charitable boards. He has two great children. He splits his time between Moscow, Stockholm, Montreal and London.
here are some more links

сonnect the dots…

Again Сoca-cola?

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Exhumation of the Dodo

August 29, 2010 4 comments

Today Me and Arven were discussing latest news and have noticed some interesting coincidences. The result of this discussion you may read in the Arven’s article.

Today on the birthday of Michael Jackson in the network appeared two pieces of news that can not be missed.
So, let’s begin.The so-called reliable sources News of the world there is information on the possible exhumation of the “body” of Michael.

“Murray’s team will try to convince a judge the King of Pop’s body gave out after decades of abuse of painkilling pills and jabs. They hope to get the cardiologist’s involuntary manslaughter charges thrown out.
Lead attorney Ed Chernoff has already got the green light to re-test tissue samples removed and frozen after Jacko, 50, died last June.
The family friend added: “If the tests don’t concur with the coroner’s findings, they have the start of a strong defence.
“The logical next step would be to exhume the body to make new tests.”I wonder who is going to exhume Conrad? I would have had even egg Dodo bird did not trust him.
You may ask – why is the Dodo? Oh, the bird plays a significant role in the dramatization of death. Communication can be seen here.

The second news is directly related to the exhumation … Dodo bird.

“JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Aug. 27 (UPI) — A South African museum says it has the world’s last surviving dodo egg and is preparing to allow DNA testing of the precious exhibit to confirm it.The flightless dodo became extinct in the mid-17th century after being extensively hunted in its native home of Mauritius by visiting sailors and the dogs and cats they brought on voyages with them, which plundered the birds’ nests, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

The egg was given to South Africa’s East London Museum in 1915 by the great aunt of the museums curator at the time, the British newspaper said. It was given to the aunt by a sea captain who made many trips to Mauritius where he said he found it in a swamp.

Now, the museum’s current curator has decided to test the provenance of its most-prized artifact.

Mcebisi Magadla said the test would involve breaking off a piece of egg the size of a pen point from the outside of the egg.

He said it could be tested at the University of Cape Town or further afield in Oxford, England, where Oxford University’s Natural History Museum houses the foot and head of a dodo.

“We have a duty to test the egg to prove its authenticity one way or another and the best way to do that is by DNA testing,” he said. “As a museum we cannot say something is authentic unless we can check.”

“The egg was given to the museum’s curator Dr Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer in 1915 by her great aunt Lavinia.

She in turn was given it by a family friend who worked as a sea captain and made regular trips to the dodo’s native home of Mauritius where he said he found the egg in a swamp.
Together with a pre-historic coelacanth previously thought to be extinct but found in East London Bay and positively identified by Dr Courtenay-Latimer in 1938, the egg draws thousands of visitors a year from all over the world.Now, the museum’s curator has decided to test the veracity of its most prized artefact.

Mcebisi Magadla said the test would involve breaking off a piece of egg the size of a pen nib from the outside of a hole the size of a five pence piece in its surface.

He said it could be tested at the University of Cape Town or further afield in Oxford, where the university’s Natural History Museum houses the foot and head of a dodo.

“We have a duty to test the egg to prove its authenticity one way or another and the best way to do that is by DNA testing,” he said. “As a museum we cannot say something is authentic unless we can check.”

The flightless dodo became extinct in the mid 17th century after being extensively hunted by visiting sailors and the dogs and cats they brought on voyages with them which plundered the birds’ nests.”

Interesting coincidence, is not it? Although in the coincidence I do not believe, especially over the past year.Since the time of the football championship some believers, with whom I associate have ideas about the connection of South Africa and Michael.

That is the Dodo bird egg (ie Michael) is located in Johannesburg in South Africa.And there to the hotel The Palace of the Lost City near.


Dodo “I’m still alive”

August 10, 2010 1 comment

Do u rememba?     He is Alive….     Heeeeeeee   Heeeeee   😉

August 6

August 9

7 hours ago…

Bizarre Things Of J

bizarre calendar

bizarre video 🙂


it’s really 5 brothers or not… who knows…

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Why exactly Dodo?

July 31, 2010 2 comments

Have you ever asked yourself why exactly Dodo?
I want to tell you about him a bit..
Dodo is the most amazing bird, which lived on Mascarene Islands: Mauritius, Reunion and Rodriguez. First information about it appeared in 1598.
Dodo’s height was about 1 meter, it had little wings and little tale, and couldn’t fly… It had big eyes and big beak. Its eyes were often compared to diamonds. And his beak was the only possibility for Dodo to defend itself from enemies. Although it didn’t have any enemies before a Human being came to the island…
But beak is nothing if to compare it to a stone in human’s hand… Nice and naive Dodo who never knew what enemies are used to come to people without any fear and people killed him with stones and sticks in order to prepare a dinner for themselves… Then it became a game for sailors: who would kill more birds…
Traveler Francois Lega said about Dodo: “…you admire these birds moving. Their beautiful appearance often saved their lives. They trustingly come to a human, but people never succeeded in taming them: once they don’t have their freedom they begin crying, refuse eating and then they die…”
The last reference about Mauritius Dodo goes to 1681…
On two other islands Dodo were killed during the next 50 years…
Dodo disappeared… The reason is human greed and cruelty..
300 years passed but nothing changed…
Sweet, sometimes naive, strange and amazing…
He has big wonderful eyes and huge suffering heart…
Mass media was trying to “injure him with stones”, and the crowd was happy insisting on further continuation of spectacle…
Sweet nice uncle Doo Doo.

Uncle Doo Doo 3T interview (B&W)
Why do you call Michael “Uncle Doo Doo”?
Taryll: As you know, he’s stupid (laughs). He does silly things.
Taj: It’s one of the thousand nicknames he gave himself. Even when he’s away, we stay in touch with him. We send him letters and he answers. He signs his letters “Uncle Doo Doo,” it’s just to do something silly.
So there’s no real meaning behind it?
Taj: No! (laughs) I’m sorry, I wish there was one!

(Merci beaucoup, спасибо большое)thanks for English translation to Kindness

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