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Exhumation of the Dodo

August 29, 2010 4 comments

Today Me and Arven were discussing latest news and have noticed some interesting coincidences. The result of this discussion you may read in the Arven’s article.

Today on the birthday of Michael Jackson in the network appeared two pieces of news that can not be missed.
So, let’s begin.The so-called reliable sources News of the world there is information on the possible exhumation of the “body” of Michael.

“Murray’s team will try to convince a judge the King of Pop’s body gave out after decades of abuse of painkilling pills and jabs. They hope to get the cardiologist’s involuntary manslaughter charges thrown out.
Lead attorney Ed Chernoff has already got the green light to re-test tissue samples removed and frozen after Jacko, 50, died last June.
The family friend added: “If the tests don’t concur with the coroner’s findings, they have the start of a strong defence.
“The logical next step would be to exhume the body to make new tests.”I wonder who is going to exhume Conrad? I would have had even egg Dodo bird did not trust him.
You may ask – why is the Dodo? Oh, the bird plays a significant role in the dramatization of death. Communication can be seen here.

The second news is directly related to the exhumation … Dodo bird.

“JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Aug. 27 (UPI) — A South African museum says it has the world’s last surviving dodo egg and is preparing to allow DNA testing of the precious exhibit to confirm it.The flightless dodo became extinct in the mid-17th century after being extensively hunted in its native home of Mauritius by visiting sailors and the dogs and cats they brought on voyages with them, which plundered the birds’ nests, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

The egg was given to South Africa’s East London Museum in 1915 by the great aunt of the museums curator at the time, the British newspaper said. It was given to the aunt by a sea captain who made many trips to Mauritius where he said he found it in a swamp.

Now, the museum’s current curator has decided to test the provenance of its most-prized artifact.

Mcebisi Magadla said the test would involve breaking off a piece of egg the size of a pen point from the outside of the egg.

He said it could be tested at the University of Cape Town or further afield in Oxford, England, where Oxford University’s Natural History Museum houses the foot and head of a dodo.

“We have a duty to test the egg to prove its authenticity one way or another and the best way to do that is by DNA testing,” he said. “As a museum we cannot say something is authentic unless we can check.”

“The egg was given to the museum’s curator Dr Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer in 1915 by her great aunt Lavinia.

She in turn was given it by a family friend who worked as a sea captain and made regular trips to the dodo’s native home of Mauritius where he said he found the egg in a swamp.
Together with a pre-historic coelacanth previously thought to be extinct but found in East London Bay and positively identified by Dr Courtenay-Latimer in 1938, the egg draws thousands of visitors a year from all over the world.Now, the museum’s curator has decided to test the veracity of its most prized artefact.

Mcebisi Magadla said the test would involve breaking off a piece of egg the size of a pen nib from the outside of a hole the size of a five pence piece in its surface.

He said it could be tested at the University of Cape Town or further afield in Oxford, where the university’s Natural History Museum houses the foot and head of a dodo.

“We have a duty to test the egg to prove its authenticity one way or another and the best way to do that is by DNA testing,” he said. “As a museum we cannot say something is authentic unless we can check.”

The flightless dodo became extinct in the mid 17th century after being extensively hunted by visiting sailors and the dogs and cats they brought on voyages with them which plundered the birds’ nests.”

Interesting coincidence, is not it? Although in the coincidence I do not believe, especially over the past year.Since the time of the football championship some believers, with whom I associate have ideas about the connection of South Africa and Michael.

That is the Dodo bird egg (ie Michael) is located in Johannesburg in South Africa.And there to the hotel The Palace of the Lost City near.


“Always Coca Cola? Not Pepsi?” Part 3. – “Follow the yellow brick road!”

August 1, 2010 3 comments


Much has been said about the connection between Coca Cola and a real wag Michael Jackson. Let us discuss this topic one more time. Just a little bit.)))) Therefore I let myself some repetition from time to time)).

As an introduction:

Da-Da-Da I will use the words of the Pepsi commercial song)) (Da means Yes in Russian) “Coke Is It!” – that is the official slogan of Coca Cola during the period of 1982 – 1985.

I am very amused by the story of Coca. Looking for the information on the web, my spirits were getting high. I really felt “This Is It!”. I think the girls who were making the video “Michael Jackson is Alive. Part 4. Always Coca Cola? Not Pepsi?” will understand me. A DoDo bird is really something! Someone very smart had left a message under TMZ article a month before the video appeared. (comment #115). The comment give a brief information (a hint) on the bird extinct in 17th century. The person did not expressed his/her opinion and no one reacted to that strange attack.

One more time I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Coca Cola has joined “WE ARE THE WORLD 25 FOR HAITI” (Joint venture… hmm)

“When we heard about Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie’s incredible plan to re-record ‘We Are the World 25 For Haiti’ to benefit earthquake relief in Haiti, we knew instantly that Coca-Cola had to be involved and help however we could,” said Katie Bayne, Chief Marketing Officer, Coca-Cola North America. “Spreading the word about this great program is something we can do quickly and effectively by activating Coca-Cola’s powerful communications network.”

I decided one more time (on many interesting moments have already been discussed and there is much interesting information on this blkog as well) to run through the videos, because many things will be quite new for you.

1. Video “Happiness Machine”.

Happiness Machine was released on 12.01.2010.
People love free stuff and the new online only video which is part of Coke’s global “Open Happiness” campaign is testament to that. Produced by Definition 6 the video aims to connect the brand with teens and young adults outside of traditional TV advertising. Set in a college cafeteria, the footage captures the surprise and delight on the students faces as a magical Coke machine gives away bottle after bottle of free Coke, sunflowers, pizza, balloon animals and an epically huge six-foot sub!

So far it has been online for 10 days and its racked up 820,000 views on YouTube. The only distribution sources for the video were a tweet from the CokeTwitter account and their Facebook fan page. Interactive YouTube feature have been used to great effect as the video finishes with an interactive call to action “Share the Happiness” alongside the question “Where will the happiness strike next?”.

1)0:44-0:50 – Sunflowers.
2)1:14 – a guy in a jacket saying Michael Jackson “This is It”.
Here is the jacket by the way:

3) At the end the question  “Where will the happiness strike next?”.

By the way, the company which was working on this action, has recently been awarded with CLIO award.))“happiness-machine”-wins-top-honors-at-the-2010-clio-awards.aspx

2. American commercial Open Happiness (released on 16.07.2009)

I believe you know this piece (Wizzard of Oz)))

Some screen shots:

a note-worthy accompaniment:

…Well hello is this thing on?
Is anybody listening?
A brand new day has begun…

…The first thing that I want do
Make sure that you feel it too
So I’m not the only one…

…Just think yesterday I was down and out
Now there’s not a single thing for me to frown about
And the same thing can happen to you
Smiling so hard my mouth look like a capital U…

…Your heart deserves your trust
A choice made by all of us
The sun will come back tomorrow
There’s a message in the bottle
So come on I’ll meet you there
There’s enough sunshine to share

As long as you know
The bridge between us is a rainbow…

And here I want to draw your attention on one of Michael’s videos:

That time Michael had already lost all his patience… Everything was very much emotional. But this is not our subject today. There is something very interesting that we will need later on.

Screen shots of Leave me alone:

Peacock)) Michael’s video:

Open Happiness (one more time):

Peacock appeares in Coca Cola commercial, in Leave Me Alone video and on the cover to Dangerous album.

Rabbits) You can see them on numerous paintings with Michael. They don’t g’ve us a moment’s piece for the whole year. We will mention them later on.

Michael-pilot – you can rewind it and see that there is a pilot in Open Happiness as well))

Let’s get back to Dangerous album… There is a moment (children-angels flying on fishes):

I believe you have noticed that the helicopter in Open Happiness is much of a “fish”, ‘f you can say so)).

It is clear that Leave Me Alone and commercial Open Happiness are very similar what in terms of attributes, but they are absolutely different in their mood. Leave Me Alone is a cry from the heart… That’s why when watching the video you feel what Michael felt, his rejection of all those absurd things which were imputed to him.

According to Coca Cola Open Happiness was an action aimed at making people a little more happier. Well, not a bad tandem)) Michael always wanted to make a change and he always managed to make people happier.

3. Oh…Indonesia) It makes my soul melt))) The soul of a believer is overwelmed with happiness because of the extensive information given by the advertising companies from this country)

The general concept is much like the American one. The invitation to distract from the routine and set for the magical adventure… But there are some very interesting moments.

Before we go on with the video, let’s see a bit of Neverland))

Michael’s wonderfull carousel before the installation:

The King of Pop, Rock and Soul:




A way to the Wonderland, butterflies, sunflowers, rainbow, white rabbits and finally the general view on the park greatly resembles Neverland)). For a few seconds there is a glimpse of a man in white gloves and a hat… The carousel just like Michael’s is a real piece of art and a Ferris Wheel as well. Many people wear military jackets, everyone knows it’s a Michael’s style)).

In Open Happiness INDONESIA the kids stand hand in hand at the end… Those who wntched This Is It will remember the similar part, even two parts)). Those were the brightest moments. I was trying to define the name of it, and finally following Shnyashka’s example I call it “go team!”)))

2) Short TV version of Coca Cola Indonesia.

No comments)) Red curtain… a magic box the adventure starts from, circus, a hammer and the rest you can see yourself))

Some word about Coca Cola’s web design))

Particularly I like this one

Some day there was something like this)

In “Jackson Street USA” the kids managed to fly over the rainbow on a balloon))) (see 3:27).

ufff… I did it!)))

Special thanks to Yappi and Invi for participating. 😉

I express my gratitude to Olgeya for her support and inexsaustible energy and optimism.

Translated by Afalina.

Thank you for your attention!) You really are the BEST!

©  La Estrella 2010

Always Coca-Cola? Not Pepsi? Come together right now over me! Part 2

July 21, 2010 3 comments

“There are no coincidences. Only the illusion of coincidence”. (V)

Hi guys!!! I`m La Estrella=)

I Love Michael and I love this song!)

Interesting coincidence. Have you noticed Michael’s clothes in this video? We are remeber that Michael was wearing the same clothes on the photo at 03.09.2009.

This music video ends Michael’s  movie “Moonwalker”. According to the plot of the film, Michael saves the World from the man with  bad intentions. The symbol of the organization of this person is a spider. This man is going to make the whole world are drug addicted. The meaning of judgments of this despicable guy is that the society will swallow up only things he will give to it, and accept only things he will suggest to it.  Michael saves the world and flies away using incredible flying thing ))

The children – his friends, 2 boys and a girl  are crying and feeling upset cause they think  they will never see him again. But suddenly Mike appears…. Everybody is happy and “Come Together” ))

As we are remember, at the April, 5 TMZ has published  stunning news: The lawyers of dr. Conrad Murray found the  thing that  will help to build a defence: they have found the real cause of  “death” of Michael. Allegedly Michael injected Propofol himself because he used to drink Coca-Cola all the time and couldn’t sleep because of high level of  caffeine in the Coca-Cola.

And here the part of lyrics “Come Together”(The Beatles),  I’ve published above:

He’s got monkey finger
He shoot Coca-Cola

He say “I know you, you know me”
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free
Come together right now over me

Only the illusion of coincidence…” 😉

Special thanks for English translation to Shnyashka(Шняшка).

And special thanks for the support to Olgeya.

©  La Estrella 2010

Cirque du Soleil, Coca Cola, McDonalds and me… A Little Journey to Saint-Petersburg

July 9, 2010 7 comments

Some time ago when I was exploring “The Greatest Show on Earth” thing I joined Circus de Soleil club. That’s how I got email from them saying:

We are glad beyond all measure to share good news with you! You now have a unique opportunity to be at the European Premiere of the most poetic show Corteo by Cirque du Soleil on the 26 of June 2010!
The tickets are already on sale!

Buy a ticket and write an essay – why you want to be with us on this day! And you will have the opportunity to be with us on the Western Express that will take you from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg!**

Attention! Attention! The train leaves on the 25th of June at 10:30 am from Moscow and arrives to Saint-Petersburg in the evening.
In our Western Express you will be able to try yourself in different roles, meet the most famous people, journalists and other new friends who also love Cirque du Soleil!

*Only those who bought the tickets to the European Premiere on the 26th of June can take part in the contest. You need to write an essay on why only you must go with us the Premiere of Corteo Show in St. Petersburg. The contest end on the 21st of June 2010.
The winners will be announced after the Cirque du Soleil grand jury will asses your works on the 20th of June. In addition to the contest we will raffle off up to 30 train tickets.

I bought a ticket to the show and prepared a 12-page essay featuring such topics as: MJ is alive, MJ and Guy Laliberté collaboration, the owner of the circus. In more details you can read about it in my blog, all articles entitled “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

The aim was to get on the train, to talk to the administration, and the fact that the circus administration might read my essay.
So, I started to wait for a reply… 21st of June went by – nothing… 22nd… I carefully wrote them an email asking “So, where are the results?” I got silence in reply once again. No result again. On the 23rd of June the website updated the article from where I learnt some more information about the Corteo train. It turned out that they were planning to decorate carriages each corresponding to European countries’ national style, with cuisine and everything. IT was also planed to many famous people (theater, showiness, mass media) will join the troupe. Several hours later the article disappeared.
On the 25th of June I get a phone call:

– Olga?
– Yes?
– Thank God I reached you. I thought I’ll never get through to you. I call you from the Cirque du Soleil to tell you that you won the contest. Will you be able to get to Sheremetyevo airport at 6 am tomorrow?

Something happened to the train so they decided to change for the airplane. In the morning (June, 26) a registration began. I heard the announcement: “circus actors, please go to the check-in counter”. It took me a minute to think it over, and I decided that “circus actor” can be also applied to me. At the registration we were met by girls with fake clown noses and they gave us various presents. After that we boarded the plane and took off. In St.Petersburg we were again met with clowns, waving circus flags, they asked us to put on clown noses (though not many people followed their request). Afterwards they led us to the buses.


Then everyone except for me were taken to the hotels, and I was brought to the Nevsky avenue in the St. Petersburg center.
That is when I understood that I’m the only winner out of 30 tickets. This was afterwards confirmed by the journalists.

Many people gathered around the Circus, Russian actors as well. 

My attention was drawn by the pair of foreigners at a neighboring table – and older man and his son who is in his 40s. We heard that their attendant told someone that that old man opened the 1st McDonald’s in Russia. I will talk about them later.
Then we had a 1 hour reception, various souvenirs were sold. A two-hours brilliant show with a 30 minute interval followed.

After the show I was taken to the private party at the Ginza club celebrating the premiere.

I saw a show director, Englishman that was sitting nest to me in the plane, and those two gentlemen I mentioned before.

On the next day I flew away to Moscow, and then home.

And now my not so big catch. Important or not – you are to judge.
In any case this information shows how tight all those huge corporations are tied together.


1. DVD "Corteo"


2. Two gentlemen

George A. Cohon, OC, O.Ont (born April 19, 1937) is an American-born Canadian businessman who is the founder and senior chairman ofMcDonald’s of Canada and McDonald’s of Russia.
Born in Chicago, Illinois, he received a B.Sc. from Drake University and a Juris Doctor degree from the Northwestern University School of Law. He practiced corporate law in Chicago from 1961 through 1967. In 1967 he moved to Toronto, Ontario, as the licensee of McDonald’s Corporation for Eastern Canada. In 1971, he became chairman, president and chief executive officer of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada.
He was involved in opening McDonald’s in the former Soviet Union with the first restaurant opening in Moscow in 1990.
The first restaurant was at the time McDonald’s biggest, and was opened with minimal involvement from the U.S. parent company, for political reasons. It accepted only Russian rubles, not hard currency, and in the early days, the line to enter the restaurant could be several hours long. Due to Soviet supply shortages, the company created its own supply chain in the Soviet Union, including farms and packaging. At the 1991 G7 Summit in London,Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (Cohon’s personal friend) personally complained to Mikhail Gorbachev about the difficulties Cohon was experiencing doing business in the Soviet Union.[1]
He is the founder of Ronald McDonald House Charities, which provides accommodation for families whose children are receiving medical treatment, in Canada and in Russia.
He is a member of the board of directors of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited, Royal Bank of Canada and Astral Media Inc. He was a member of Board of Governors of York University between 1982 and 1995.
He became a Canadian citizen in 1975. He was awarded the Order of Ontario in 2000. In 1987 he was made a Member of the Order of Canadaand was promoted to Officer in 1992.
He wrote an auto-biography, To Russia With Fries. His son, Mark Cohon, is the Canadian Football League’s 12th commissioner.
His business card can be redeemed for a free Big Mac at any McDonald’s location in Canada and Russia.

And here is his son also known as Coca-Cola Kid.

Craig Cohon chairs the Board at Worn Again and is Vice Chairman of Cirque du Soleil Russia. Prior to this he spent 8 years owning and running his own international development strategic advisor firm that built businesses in India and Africa. This included a modern clean energy enterprise with BP for rural Indian women.
Previously Craig had a 14-year executive-level career at Coca-Cola Company. He started their operations in Soviet Union in 1990 and lived in Moscow for 4 years. He ran marketing in Northern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and was the Coca-Cola brand director worldwide. He served as director of Learning Strategy for three years and in 2000 served as deputy division president for the Northwest Europe Division.
In 1993, Cohon received an Honorary Doctorate of Economics from Moscow International University. In 2000, the World Economic Forum named him “A Global Leader for Tomorrow.” Cohon earned his BA in liberal arts at the University of Western Ontario. Craig is an avid international traveler and investor and Chairman of Worn Again in London and serves on many charitable boards. He has two great children. He splits his time between Moscow, Stockholm, Montreal and London.
here are some more links

Read about connection Michael Jackson and Coca-Cola

English translation by Silver_glepha
©  Olgeya_humayer 2010

Always Coca-Cola? Not Pepsi? Video version

May 28, 2010 2 comments

Our new video in the making of which i took part

Original article

Always Coca-Cola? Not Pepsi?

April 26, 2010 16 comments

 Several bugfixes in article.
You remember it? 


Mj was addicted to CoCa-Cola and died? Or he is still alive?
Or there’s a new contract between Mj and Coca-Cola?

Dancing Dodo – 5 Alive Dodo Tv Ad
VCCP has launched a campaign starring a dancing dodo to re-launch Coca Cola’s fruit juice drink, 5 Alive. Born in Mauritius in 1611, and born again in 2010, the dancing Dodo is a rare example of his breed. Like most dodos, he can’t fly, but boy can he dance.
Родился на Маврикие в 1611 году, и родился вновь в 2010 году, танцы Додо является редким примером своей породы. Как и большинство Dodos, он не может летать, но парень он может танцевать.

TMZ again poked us noses?

5 Alive?

Uncle Doo Doo 3T interview (B&W)
Why do you call Michael "Uncle Doo Doo"?
As you know, he’s stupid (laughs). He does silly things.
It’s one of the thousand nicknames he gave himself. Even when he’s away, we stay in touch with him. We send him letters and he answers. He signs his letters "Uncle Doo Doo," it’s just to do something silly.
So there’s no real meaning behind it?
No! (laughs) I’m sorry, I wish there was one!

And, VCCP developed advertising strategies for The O2. ‘Priority Tickets to The O2 48 hours before general release’. 


Coca Cola, moonwalk, dodo, I’m alive, five alive…… He-he ))) Connect the dots. 😉  

Special thanks Dusha and Annahata(