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Breaking news: Michael Jackson’s Vendetta

November 17, 2010 4 comments

A new video by my dear friend Shnyashka (aka Volshebnaja Shnyashka)

Other video by Shnyashka

Teaser – Michael’s Vendetta

November 13, 2010 2 comments

Coming soon a new video

The illuminated experience

November 1, 2010 3 comments

You remember it?

New game – “The expirience”

You see it? Do you remember these movements in “Ghosts”?

What do you think about it?

Something about friends :)))

October 14, 2010 2 comments

Good news))
Something about friends:

Donald Trump called in to Larry King Live on July 6, 2009 to speak about his friend, Michael Jackson. Donald says that Michael was a good guy, a great businessman, the best entertainer that ever lived, etc.

Donald Trump often act in commercial broadcasts for Macy’s.’s

Macy’s is a chain of mid-to-high range department stores headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and New York, New York. The company has designated additional regional flagships but in major urban centers and operates a total of 800 US stores (as of January 30, 2010).
Macy’s was not only the first to offer clothes racks sorted by their respective sizes and styles, they were able to get Thanksgiving to land on the fourth Thursday of November every year. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been sponsored by Macy’s for 80 years. Since 1976, Macy’s has sponsored the annual “Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular”, New York City’s Independence Day fireworks display.

So, dear BELIEVErs! A while ago,  Macy’s with Make-A-Wish Foundation were conduct action called “Tell us why you BELIEVE”. If you read and watched an interviews with Michael so you know Michael have a long time collaborate with the fund. Particularly, the fund organized trips to Neverland for kids. Now on Kenny Ortega’s official site hangs a link to this fund’s site.
Such a great people! Thanks for their work!

How to Enter the Contests: During the Contest Entry Period, that is before midnight ET on December 3, 2009, visit and submit either
1.An essay of no more than one thousand (1,000) characters words, explaining why you Believe, and you can explain how and why and what it is you believe. It is all up to you to describe; or
2.A video of no more than sixty (60) seconds in length that shows why or how or what you believe.

Contest Prizes: Each winner will receive a trip for four (4) to New York, NY to see the 2010 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Trip package includes roundtrip coach-class air transportation for four (4) from a major airport near winner’s home to New York, NY; three (3) nights’ accommodations at a hotel determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion (single room, double occupancy) plus a $1000 Macy’s Shopping Spree.

Interesting moment – i think it’s remind us somethink. Let’s remember Michael told that he will always help needy people, maybe by means of someboby, but he will continue this help. Funs love him a lot for this kind-heartedness, boldness and purposefulness)

Let’s turn back to commercial with Donald Trump. From the middle of september 2009 till october 21st Donald assists in Macy’s Campaign Aims To Feed 10 Million Americans, slogan was – Come Together.
Read more abt Come Together:

Macy’s, in partnership with Feeding America, is campaigning to raise awareness for the 36.2 Americans who are unable to feed their families. The Come Together campaign aims to feed 10 million hungry Americans. Whatever your personality or your lifestyle may be, they’ve come up with a way you can get involved.”

All familar faces!

Come together right now over me!=)))

Translated by PRO (Thank you, Natalie!!! 😉
Special thanks to Olgeya for support!


Criss Angel receives the Magical Wish Maker of the Year Award from the Make-A-Wish Foundation at Bali Hai Golf Center on May 19, 2010.

Criss revealed that he will start his own Believe Anything Is Possible for Children Foundation this year to fund continuing Make-A-Wish activities.

He said.

“These children make me smile from ear to ear and teach me that love, health and happiness are the most important things in life.”

“I meet a child, and neither I nor they know how long they have on Earth. When I was broke and just had a dream, I always thought fame and money was the answer. But it means nothing — it’s shallow and has no depth once you meet these kids. This is the important work to do quietly and behind the scenes. When you achieve your dream, you have to use what comes with it to help these children. I am so grateful I was raised in a family with a lot of love.”

“Success for me here means the love that comes from the kids. It grounds me. This work has become most important in my life. The kids think that I’m fulfilling their last wishes and doing them a favor. But in fact they do more for me than I could ever do for them. There is no price on that because you can’t buy that.”

“Caring about these kids has become my priority. Anything I can do for my fellow citizens young or old I will do out of love.”

In recent weeks, as we have reported here at Vegas DeLuxe, the star of Cirque du Soleil’s Believe at the Luxor has been presented with several international magic awards recognizing him not only as multi-time Magician of the Year and Magician of the Decade but also Magician of the Century. Just days before the Make-A-Wish presentation, he also was given the Innovention Award for his contributions in changing the world of magic.

©  La Estrella 2010

Exhumation of the Dodo

August 29, 2010 4 comments

Today Me and Arven were discussing latest news and have noticed some interesting coincidences. The result of this discussion you may read in the Arven’s article.

Today on the birthday of Michael Jackson in the network appeared two pieces of news that can not be missed.
So, let’s begin.The so-called reliable sources News of the world there is information on the possible exhumation of the “body” of Michael.

“Murray’s team will try to convince a judge the King of Pop’s body gave out after decades of abuse of painkilling pills and jabs. They hope to get the cardiologist’s involuntary manslaughter charges thrown out.
Lead attorney Ed Chernoff has already got the green light to re-test tissue samples removed and frozen after Jacko, 50, died last June.
The family friend added: “If the tests don’t concur with the coroner’s findings, they have the start of a strong defence.
“The logical next step would be to exhume the body to make new tests.”I wonder who is going to exhume Conrad? I would have had even egg Dodo bird did not trust him.
You may ask – why is the Dodo? Oh, the bird plays a significant role in the dramatization of death. Communication can be seen here.

The second news is directly related to the exhumation … Dodo bird.

“JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Aug. 27 (UPI) — A South African museum says it has the world’s last surviving dodo egg and is preparing to allow DNA testing of the precious exhibit to confirm it.The flightless dodo became extinct in the mid-17th century after being extensively hunted in its native home of Mauritius by visiting sailors and the dogs and cats they brought on voyages with them, which plundered the birds’ nests, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

The egg was given to South Africa’s East London Museum in 1915 by the great aunt of the museums curator at the time, the British newspaper said. It was given to the aunt by a sea captain who made many trips to Mauritius where he said he found it in a swamp.

Now, the museum’s current curator has decided to test the provenance of its most-prized artifact.

Mcebisi Magadla said the test would involve breaking off a piece of egg the size of a pen point from the outside of the egg.

He said it could be tested at the University of Cape Town or further afield in Oxford, England, where Oxford University’s Natural History Museum houses the foot and head of a dodo.

“We have a duty to test the egg to prove its authenticity one way or another and the best way to do that is by DNA testing,” he said. “As a museum we cannot say something is authentic unless we can check.”

“The egg was given to the museum’s curator Dr Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer in 1915 by her great aunt Lavinia.

She in turn was given it by a family friend who worked as a sea captain and made regular trips to the dodo’s native home of Mauritius where he said he found the egg in a swamp.
Together with a pre-historic coelacanth previously thought to be extinct but found in East London Bay and positively identified by Dr Courtenay-Latimer in 1938, the egg draws thousands of visitors a year from all over the world.Now, the museum’s curator has decided to test the veracity of its most prized artefact.

Mcebisi Magadla said the test would involve breaking off a piece of egg the size of a pen nib from the outside of a hole the size of a five pence piece in its surface.

He said it could be tested at the University of Cape Town or further afield in Oxford, where the university’s Natural History Museum houses the foot and head of a dodo.

“We have a duty to test the egg to prove its authenticity one way or another and the best way to do that is by DNA testing,” he said. “As a museum we cannot say something is authentic unless we can check.”

The flightless dodo became extinct in the mid 17th century after being extensively hunted by visiting sailors and the dogs and cats they brought on voyages with them which plundered the birds’ nests.”

Interesting coincidence, is not it? Although in the coincidence I do not believe, especially over the past year.Since the time of the football championship some believers, with whom I associate have ideas about the connection of South Africa and Michael.

That is the Dodo bird egg (ie Michael) is located in Johannesburg in South Africa.And there to the hotel The Palace of the Lost City near.


The magic that’s all around us

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

This information was gathered and put together by a brilliant Russian girl, a believer – Dingo Dog (aka Sobachka Dingo) from russian hoax forum″
I publish it somewhat later than planned with a kind author’s permission as I considered it to be very interesting and worth your attention.

Michael Jackson children in the Orlando Airport. Many were puzzled as to why Paris wears some cloak.

The video is pretty interesting, indeed.
It was already noticed that Airport check-in was number 7! Nothing surprising. “Our people” only chose the right number. These photos are also dated from the 7th day of the 7th month. At 0:50 and 1:10 we can clearly see number 25 on the attendant girl’s back. Certainly it’s easy to set it up. Nothing unusual. Maybe it DOES mean something but apparently it’s simply a 777 clue.
But here’s the thing that caught MY personal attention – Paris’s cloak (from Harry Potter movie). I like it a lot though I not that familiar with Harry Potter stuff, but I noticed something. It’s NOT Hermione’s Cloak.
Hermione’s Cloak

Look at the emblem. Paris has something else. Paris wore Luna «Loony» Lovegood cloak. And notice her name as well.-

I don’t think the choice of a cloak depended on the availability of Hermione’s Cloak in the shop. I mean that it was a purposeful deliberate choice. And if it is so, then this girl Loony is known to us, right?
From Wiki:

As J. K. Rowling said Luna is a kind of Hermione’s antipode because Hermione’s her world view is fully based on logics and rationality, but for Luna it’s always FAITH. Hermione considers Loony to be a gullible, and Loony in her turn thinks that Hermione is simply narrow-minded. As time passes Hermione accepts Loony as she is and stops criticizing her odd beliefs.

For the first time Loony appears in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” “The Order of the Phoenix” in J.Rowling series about Harry Potter is an organization created to fight against the Death Eaters during the first wizard war. The order was gathered from the most devoted like-minded persons of Albus Dumbledore (the head of the organization, the strongest wizard of his time who was killed by his own request by Severus Snape).

She was in the Dumbledore’s Army – imaginary secret of students. Loonystudies at the Ravenclaw faculty. Ravenclaw values wit, creativity, wittiness, wisdom. Popular Ravenclaw proverb says: «wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure». Talisman — eagle, colour — blue and bronze (in the movie they are changed to blue and silver).

Harry’s first impression of her was: «Luna was, it seems, slightly insane». That really sounds like us – believers, people say we’re crazy even now when we are big in number. They become more sure that we are nuts when we say MJ is alive.
Her style is very extravagant…

Students think she is out of her mind and avoid her. She becomes on object of bulying because of her strange beliefs looks and weird character. They call her “Loony Lovegood”, steal her things, make fun of her appearance. Never the less Loony isn’t angree at them at all, quite the contrary
They call her Loony Lovegood, steal her things, make fun of her looks. Nevertheless, Loony doesn’t get angry at them, on the contrary she forgives them with naïve kindness.
In one of the books Loony on some strange destiny’s whim becomes a Quidditch match commentator. Instead of commenting she gets distracted and discusses things not connected to the match itself, like cloud shapes.
Loony is also present at Will’s and Fler’s wedding, and she was the only one who recognized Harry in his altered appearance, by “face expression”.

In a Big Hall together with Ginny and Hermione she fights against Bellatrix Lestrange. In the end she draws all attention to herself to let Harry escape unnoticed.
Her patronus (magical essence – “defender”, “patron”) – is a separate story.

Expecto Patronum (Patronus Charm)
Pronunciation: /ɛksˈpɛktoʊ pəˈtroʊnəm/ eks-PEK-toh pə-TROH-nəm
Description: Conjures an incarnation of the caster’s innermost positive feelings, such as joy, hope, or the desire to survive, known as a Patronus. A Patronus is conjured as a protector, and is a weapon rather than a predator of souls: Patronuses shield their conjurors from Dementors or Lethifolds, and can even drive them away. A Patronus “cannot feel despair, as real humans can, so Dementors can’t hurt it.”[15] The conjured Patronus protects the witch or wizard that summoned it, obeys his or her commands, and fades away shortly after it is no longer required. When conjured, a Patronus appears silvery, ethereal, and semi-transparent. Improperly formed Patronuses range from momentary formless bursts of silvery mist, to poorly-defined forms that are easily defeated or quickly dissipate on their own. A full-fledged (or corporeal) Patronus takes on a fixed animal form that is often significant to the witch or wizard casting the charm. Patronuses summoned by a particular person have been known to change, although this has only been observed in the books in cases of unrequited love, such as Tonks’ and Snape’s respective Patronuses. In these cases, the new Patronus takes on the form of an animal associated with the love interest. Rowling has said in online interviews that Snape was the only Death Eater to be able to produce a Patronus. According to her this is ‘because a Patronus is used against things that the Death Eaters generally generate, or fight alongside. They would not need Patronuses’.[16] According to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the Charm is also the only known defensive spell against Lethifolds.

In Latin Expecto Patronum means: EXPECTO — “I await” (Latin: expectare) PATRONUM — protector in Accusative case i.e., “I await for the protector”.

So, Loony’s Patronus is a HARE. A hare or a rabbit – I don’t know this as I haven’t watched the movie.
You can hardly see what is there in the picture. Some kind of a bird is on the cloak emblem. It seems to be an eagle. We had eagles – on the furniture (1 father – sofa, 3 kids – chairs): I even know who is Blanket there. And you will be able to see if you try. Here is the information:
Here is the cloak Paris wore.
Source: из

Sobachka Dingo
Special thanks for English translation Silver Glepha

Dodo “I’m still alive”

August 10, 2010 1 comment

Do u rememba?     He is Alive….     Heeeeeeee   Heeeeee   😉

August 6

August 9

7 hours ago…


July 20, 2010 2 comments

Video by Andromeda

Special thanks to Liss

Again July,13???

July 14, 2010 3 comments

Do you remember that many clues point at number 13 and probably it is the 13th July…
Read more…

See you in July? 13 July?

June 24, 2010 6 comments

You remember it?
Michael Jackson concert were to begin 13 July 2009…

Five days ago Cris Angel published a photo on Twitter

You see this? 13 hours …

Old photo of Neverland (2008)


Today’s photo in the TMZ

Neverland and again 13 hours!!!

See you in July? 13 July?