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About FIFA 2010.. Africa… Coca… .. and what else

June 11, 2010 5 comments

nice foto .. ho ho

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Akon.. World Cup 2010..


In May 2009, FIFA has invited Acon write a hymn to the future of the World Cup Football 2010, which will be held in South Africa, as well as all the music that accompanies the opening ceremony of the championship.

“Americans have a strange idea of Africa” – recalls Akon. – “They know nothing about our culture and can not imagine how we live. They think we are all seriously ill, suffering from hunger and wandering around naked on the savannah in search of zebras and lions. ”


just a little biography

As a child, Akon had difficulty in school and problems with the law.

The family moved from the American States of Senegal, where a small Akon was only six years.

His father – the legendary jazz musician Mor Thiam. In skill games on djembe, national African drum, he is considered consummate professional.

His father taught him the craft of music, took with him to concerts.

Junior Akon thanks to his father met with such people as James Brown or family Jackson (yes, the one where Michael).

«Locked Up» became the first single from the young artist.

In 2004 the first album «Trouble», and the next single «Ghetto»

But the real success of the singer brought such hits as «Lonely» and «Bananza (Belly Dancer)».

2006 Akon released on his own label Konvict Muzik second album, «Konvicted».

After the success of both albums, Akon was in demand not only as an artist.

Akon has recorded a track with the king of pop Michael Jackson and they had to work on a new album from Michael. Akon said: “If Michael liked the idea and he would take it and share with me their thoughts, feelings and emotions, we will make a stunning album. This will be the soundtrack to the life of Michael!”

Many super star wanted to see him as a producer and co-author of his own songs. Akon collaborated with R. Kelly, Elton John, Daddy Yankee, Gwen Stefani and many others.

2008, Akon recorded a single with Lady Gaga – “Just Dance”

2008, released a new album Acon, which was named Freedom

Akon about Michael … about MichaelHoaxDeath

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