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All stars & states or bricklayers trace?

October 1, 2011 2 comments
Attention of the whole world is riveted to the Conrad Murray's trial. 
Each day begins with this…
WTF? You see it?!!!
32 stars!!!

Stop!!! California is the 31 state of the USA, and there must be 31 stars.
Here, 31 
five-pointed stars

and here…


and here…


and even here… And even here at the courthouse. But there are six-pointed stars, hmmm  But they are still – 31 piece

Maybe it's a sign?

Let's see, 32'd state is the Minnesota.

Funny things I found

(hmm… illuminati again?)

  • State drink: Milk

("At that point, the doctor finally gave in to the entertainer’s constant demands for his “milk.”")

What do you think about it?

Special thanks kiper, hellena, muramy, Багира

TMZ – at first we create the news, then post it.

February 15, 2011 1 comment

Hello!!! There is interesting information (special thanks to Neo). What do you think about it?

The Evil Genius Of The Latest TMZ Brand Extension

To Angelenos, there can be no more horrifying news than the launch of yet another tour-bus franchise targeting celebrity hotspots has arrived to further clutter their already over-trafficked streets. But to media mavens, TMZ’s decision to enter this business is just pure brilliance.

Who better than America’s most beloved star stalkers to provide tourists with a real-time opportunity to invade the privacy of the glitterati, courtesy of a new deal with Starline Tours. The tour will patrol the landmarks of Hollywood’s so-called Thirty Mile Zone, the area that 0.002% of TMZ’s fans know provided the acronym that inspired the company’s name.

The buses will be specially “customized,” and though TMZ doesn’t specify how exactly, there’s some logical conclusions to be drawn. Perhaps there’s a crane that can hoist passengers over those pesky eight-foot hedges that obscure the view into Jennifer Aniston’s living room.

The buses will even come equipped with TV screens that pipe in TMZ footage relevant to whatever its passengers are witnessing. There’s even the prospect they can become part of the action, TMZ warns: “The tour guides, armed with cameras, could…encounter celebrities and use state of the art technology to send the footage directly back to the TMZ newsroom.”

Sounds like a joke, but it turns out that Starline tourists were actually right outside the gates of Michael Jackson’s estate the day he died.

Of course, the tour only tips the iceberg of the offline brand extensions TMZ could fund to broaden its influence: plastic-surgery clinics, rehab facilities, bail-bonds agencies. Or maybe it’s best to start smaller, like some branded Big Gulp-sized cozies that Harvey Levin could promote on the air himself considering he always seems to be sipping some concoction one can only presume is Paris Hilton’s liquefied soul.

The new fleet hits the streets on May 1.

It’s amazing how time there were these tourists. Or maybe it was a planned part of the tour?

Hold my hand/ Hand of Michael?

December 10, 2010 5 comments

You see these hands in video?

2.15 the hand moves…

We think that this is Michael’s hands :)))

Michael is alive 🙂
Special thanks to Smile

Breaking news: Michael Jackson’s Vendetta

November 17, 2010 4 comments

A new video by my dear friend Shnyashka (aka Volshebnaja Shnyashka)

Other video by Shnyashka

The illuminated experience

November 1, 2010 3 comments

SAW – my thoughts…

September 16, 2010 2 comments

Perhaps this is irrelevant…
Recently, TMZ published an article about Balloon Boy.

Balloon Boy’s Home Takes Off with Renters!

Many believers connected history of the Balloon Boy with Michael Jackson in 2009…

Is something much larger unfolding
right before our eyes!!

As the whole world watched the Ballon Boy
fly away.. he really wasn’t even there.
He was hiding. When asked by the media
sitting with his father and family,
” Didn’t you hear us calling you ” ?
Where were you? Balloon Boy Confesses:
“It Was For The Show”

What really happened today?Is this a turning point.
Thanks to E! Entertainment for the picture (s)!


Probably this article in TMZ means something?

You see it? – SAW... The saw???A man in a mask Jigsaw trying to catch Paris last Halloween.

Jigsaw is a character in the movie “Saw”

You can read a very interesting material “Michael Jackson Pig Mask from The “SAW” Movie” in a blog by Silver Glepha –

Shots from a film “Saw” were in mysterious video LastSevenWords…

This very day, when there was article about Balon’s boy in TMZ – there was a trailer of “Saw 3D”. This is a 7 part of the movie, the premiere will take place in a Halloween 2010. If to summarize numbers on the house number 5+4+3+4=16 1+6= 7 )))



“the last piece of the puzzle”

We should see something? Probably it is simple coincidence… It simply my thoughts…

The magic that’s all around us

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

This information was gathered and put together by a brilliant Russian girl, a believer – Dingo Dog (aka Sobachka Dingo) from russian hoax forum″
I publish it somewhat later than planned with a kind author’s permission as I considered it to be very interesting and worth your attention.

Michael Jackson children in the Orlando Airport. Many were puzzled as to why Paris wears some cloak.

The video is pretty interesting, indeed.
It was already noticed that Airport check-in was number 7! Nothing surprising. “Our people” only chose the right number. These photos are also dated from the 7th day of the 7th month. At 0:50 and 1:10 we can clearly see number 25 on the attendant girl’s back. Certainly it’s easy to set it up. Nothing unusual. Maybe it DOES mean something but apparently it’s simply a 777 clue.
But here’s the thing that caught MY personal attention – Paris’s cloak (from Harry Potter movie). I like it a lot though I not that familiar with Harry Potter stuff, but I noticed something. It’s NOT Hermione’s Cloak.
Hermione’s Cloak

Look at the emblem. Paris has something else. Paris wore Luna «Loony» Lovegood cloak. And notice her name as well.-

I don’t think the choice of a cloak depended on the availability of Hermione’s Cloak in the shop. I mean that it was a purposeful deliberate choice. And if it is so, then this girl Loony is known to us, right?
From Wiki:

As J. K. Rowling said Luna is a kind of Hermione’s antipode because Hermione’s her world view is fully based on logics and rationality, but for Luna it’s always FAITH. Hermione considers Loony to be a gullible, and Loony in her turn thinks that Hermione is simply narrow-minded. As time passes Hermione accepts Loony as she is and stops criticizing her odd beliefs.

For the first time Loony appears in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” “The Order of the Phoenix” in J.Rowling series about Harry Potter is an organization created to fight against the Death Eaters during the first wizard war. The order was gathered from the most devoted like-minded persons of Albus Dumbledore (the head of the organization, the strongest wizard of his time who was killed by his own request by Severus Snape).

She was in the Dumbledore’s Army – imaginary secret of students. Loonystudies at the Ravenclaw faculty. Ravenclaw values wit, creativity, wittiness, wisdom. Popular Ravenclaw proverb says: «wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure». Talisman — eagle, colour — blue and bronze (in the movie they are changed to blue and silver).

Harry’s first impression of her was: «Luna was, it seems, slightly insane». That really sounds like us – believers, people say we’re crazy even now when we are big in number. They become more sure that we are nuts when we say MJ is alive.
Her style is very extravagant…

Students think she is out of her mind and avoid her. She becomes on object of bulying because of her strange beliefs looks and weird character. They call her “Loony Lovegood”, steal her things, make fun of her appearance. Never the less Loony isn’t angree at them at all, quite the contrary
They call her Loony Lovegood, steal her things, make fun of her looks. Nevertheless, Loony doesn’t get angry at them, on the contrary she forgives them with naïve kindness.
In one of the books Loony on some strange destiny’s whim becomes a Quidditch match commentator. Instead of commenting she gets distracted and discusses things not connected to the match itself, like cloud shapes.
Loony is also present at Will’s and Fler’s wedding, and she was the only one who recognized Harry in his altered appearance, by “face expression”.

In a Big Hall together with Ginny and Hermione she fights against Bellatrix Lestrange. In the end she draws all attention to herself to let Harry escape unnoticed.
Her patronus (magical essence – “defender”, “patron”) – is a separate story.

Expecto Patronum (Patronus Charm)
Pronunciation: /ɛksˈpɛktoʊ pəˈtroʊnəm/ eks-PEK-toh pə-TROH-nəm
Description: Conjures an incarnation of the caster’s innermost positive feelings, such as joy, hope, or the desire to survive, known as a Patronus. A Patronus is conjured as a protector, and is a weapon rather than a predator of souls: Patronuses shield their conjurors from Dementors or Lethifolds, and can even drive them away. A Patronus “cannot feel despair, as real humans can, so Dementors can’t hurt it.”[15] The conjured Patronus protects the witch or wizard that summoned it, obeys his or her commands, and fades away shortly after it is no longer required. When conjured, a Patronus appears silvery, ethereal, and semi-transparent. Improperly formed Patronuses range from momentary formless bursts of silvery mist, to poorly-defined forms that are easily defeated or quickly dissipate on their own. A full-fledged (or corporeal) Patronus takes on a fixed animal form that is often significant to the witch or wizard casting the charm. Patronuses summoned by a particular person have been known to change, although this has only been observed in the books in cases of unrequited love, such as Tonks’ and Snape’s respective Patronuses. In these cases, the new Patronus takes on the form of an animal associated with the love interest. Rowling has said in online interviews that Snape was the only Death Eater to be able to produce a Patronus. According to her this is ‘because a Patronus is used against things that the Death Eaters generally generate, or fight alongside. They would not need Patronuses’.[16] According to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the Charm is also the only known defensive spell against Lethifolds.

In Latin Expecto Patronum means: EXPECTO — “I await” (Latin: expectare) PATRONUM — protector in Accusative case i.e., “I await for the protector”.

So, Loony’s Patronus is a HARE. A hare or a rabbit – I don’t know this as I haven’t watched the movie.
You can hardly see what is there in the picture. Some kind of a bird is on the cloak emblem. It seems to be an eagle. We had eagles – on the furniture (1 father – sofa, 3 kids – chairs): I even know who is Blanket there. And you will be able to see if you try. Here is the information:
Here is the cloak Paris wore.
Source: из

Sobachka Dingo
Special thanks for English translation Silver Glepha

Amazing similarity…

July 31, 2010 3 comments

Thanks for finding it to Anhel&Olesja with forum

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July 20, 2010 2 comments

Video by Andromeda

Special thanks to Liss

He is alive & well? Ok, thanks :)

July 20, 2010 1 comment

July 18, 2010: Twitpic by Nelson De La Nuez

Special thanks to La Estrella