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All stars & states or bricklayers trace?

October 1, 2011 2 comments
Attention of the whole world is riveted to the Conrad Murray's trial. 
Each day begins with this…
WTF? You see it?!!!
32 stars!!!

Stop!!! California is the 31 state of the USA, and there must be 31 stars.
Here, 31 
five-pointed stars

and here…


and here…


and even here… And even here at the courthouse. But there are six-pointed stars, hmmm  But they are still – 31 piece

Maybe it's a sign?

Let's see, 32'd state is the Minnesota.

Funny things I found

(hmm… illuminati again?)

  • State drink: Milk

("At that point, the doctor finally gave in to the entertainer’s constant demands for his “milk.”")

What do you think about it?

Special thanks kiper, hellena, muramy, Багира

Exhumation of the Dodo

August 29, 2010 4 comments

Today Me and Arven were discussing latest news and have noticed some interesting coincidences. The result of this discussion you may read in the Arven’s article.

Today on the birthday of Michael Jackson in the network appeared two pieces of news that can not be missed.
So, let’s begin.The so-called reliable sources News of the world there is information on the possible exhumation of the “body” of Michael.

“Murray’s team will try to convince a judge the King of Pop’s body gave out after decades of abuse of painkilling pills and jabs. They hope to get the cardiologist’s involuntary manslaughter charges thrown out.
Lead attorney Ed Chernoff has already got the green light to re-test tissue samples removed and frozen after Jacko, 50, died last June.
The family friend added: “If the tests don’t concur with the coroner’s findings, they have the start of a strong defence.
“The logical next step would be to exhume the body to make new tests.”I wonder who is going to exhume Conrad? I would have had even egg Dodo bird did not trust him.
You may ask – why is the Dodo? Oh, the bird plays a significant role in the dramatization of death. Communication can be seen here.

The second news is directly related to the exhumation … Dodo bird.

“JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Aug. 27 (UPI) — A South African museum says it has the world’s last surviving dodo egg and is preparing to allow DNA testing of the precious exhibit to confirm it.The flightless dodo became extinct in the mid-17th century after being extensively hunted in its native home of Mauritius by visiting sailors and the dogs and cats they brought on voyages with them, which plundered the birds’ nests, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

The egg was given to South Africa’s East London Museum in 1915 by the great aunt of the museums curator at the time, the British newspaper said. It was given to the aunt by a sea captain who made many trips to Mauritius where he said he found it in a swamp.

Now, the museum’s current curator has decided to test the provenance of its most-prized artifact.

Mcebisi Magadla said the test would involve breaking off a piece of egg the size of a pen point from the outside of the egg.

He said it could be tested at the University of Cape Town or further afield in Oxford, England, where Oxford University’s Natural History Museum houses the foot and head of a dodo.

“We have a duty to test the egg to prove its authenticity one way or another and the best way to do that is by DNA testing,” he said. “As a museum we cannot say something is authentic unless we can check.”

“The egg was given to the museum’s curator Dr Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer in 1915 by her great aunt Lavinia.

She in turn was given it by a family friend who worked as a sea captain and made regular trips to the dodo’s native home of Mauritius where he said he found the egg in a swamp.
Together with a pre-historic coelacanth previously thought to be extinct but found in East London Bay and positively identified by Dr Courtenay-Latimer in 1938, the egg draws thousands of visitors a year from all over the world.Now, the museum’s curator has decided to test the veracity of its most prized artefact.

Mcebisi Magadla said the test would involve breaking off a piece of egg the size of a pen nib from the outside of a hole the size of a five pence piece in its surface.

He said it could be tested at the University of Cape Town or further afield in Oxford, where the university’s Natural History Museum houses the foot and head of a dodo.

“We have a duty to test the egg to prove its authenticity one way or another and the best way to do that is by DNA testing,” he said. “As a museum we cannot say something is authentic unless we can check.”

The flightless dodo became extinct in the mid 17th century after being extensively hunted by visiting sailors and the dogs and cats they brought on voyages with them which plundered the birds’ nests.”

Interesting coincidence, is not it? Although in the coincidence I do not believe, especially over the past year.Since the time of the football championship some believers, with whom I associate have ideas about the connection of South Africa and Michael.

That is the Dodo bird egg (ie Michael) is located in Johannesburg in South Africa.And there to the hotel The Palace of the Lost City near.



August 9, 2010 2 comments

Inception. LeoDi and MJ

Any thoughts?

silver_glepha (c)  2010

Bizarre Things Of J

bizarre calendar

bizarre video 🙂


it’s really 5 brothers or not… who knows…

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About FIFA 2010.. Africa… Coca… .. and what else

June 11, 2010 5 comments

nice foto .. ho ho

all you need is to turn the picture…

like that…

… and.. maybe ..   I going  mad but.. when lookin for these colors on these images..


Akon.. World Cup 2010..


In May 2009, FIFA has invited Acon write a hymn to the future of the World Cup Football 2010, which will be held in South Africa, as well as all the music that accompanies the opening ceremony of the championship.

“Americans have a strange idea of Africa” – recalls Akon. – “They know nothing about our culture and can not imagine how we live. They think we are all seriously ill, suffering from hunger and wandering around naked on the savannah in search of zebras and lions. ”


just a little biography

As a child, Akon had difficulty in school and problems with the law.

The family moved from the American States of Senegal, where a small Akon was only six years.

His father – the legendary jazz musician Mor Thiam. In skill games on djembe, national African drum, he is considered consummate professional.

His father taught him the craft of music, took with him to concerts.

Junior Akon thanks to his father met with such people as James Brown or family Jackson (yes, the one where Michael).

«Locked Up» became the first single from the young artist.

In 2004 the first album «Trouble», and the next single «Ghetto»

But the real success of the singer brought such hits as «Lonely» and «Bananza (Belly Dancer)».

2006 Akon released on his own label Konvict Muzik second album, «Konvicted».

After the success of both albums, Akon was in demand not only as an artist.

Akon has recorded a track with the king of pop Michael Jackson and they had to work on a new album from Michael. Akon said: “If Michael liked the idea and he would take it and share with me their thoughts, feelings and emotions, we will make a stunning album. This will be the soundtrack to the life of Michael!”

Many super star wanted to see him as a producer and co-author of his own songs. Akon collaborated with R. Kelly, Elton John, Daddy Yankee, Gwen Stefani and many others.

2008, Akon recorded a single with Lady Gaga – “Just Dance”

2008, released a new album Acon, which was named Freedom

Akon about Michael … about MichaelHoaxDeath

good watching
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Lady GaGa and Michael Jackson Connection 2. Tinker Bell and Peter Pen?

Gaga — aka Stefani Germanotta, aka Tinker Bell

at a concert in Boston:

“I’m kind of like Tinker Bell”… “See, if you don’t clap for Tinker Bell, she dies!”

couple of phrases about the biography Gaga

Stephanie Joanne Angelina Dzhermanotta was born March 28, 1986. She is known by her stage name Lady GaGa (Lady GaGa). A singer and songwriter from the United States is working towards electronic pop music.

In the four years she learned to play the piano, picking up tunes by ear, and as a child, Stephanie singing songs Louper Cindy and Michael Jackson

Future Lady GaGa in 14 years kept an open evening, and sentenced to 17 years was one of 20 people in the world, who passed a program in advance Clive Davis in the New York School of Arts in musical theater program.

Then Gaga performed in clubs located in the lower part of the eastern New York, with its early teams Mackin Pulsifer and SGBand.

In 2006 she began to work with Rob Fasari
His stage name Lady Gaga came up when performing the song “Again, Again”
In 19 years, Stephanie has signed its first contract with Def Jam, but three months later left the label.

In early 2007, she was offered to work with Interscope Records.

Managers hired her to work a songwriter and reduced with Akon, with whom she collaborated

Once, while working in the studio, Akon asked Dzhermanottu sing what ever song. Realizing that she herself is a talent to sing, Stephanie suggested that a joint contract with Kon Live Records.

With the direct participation Akon Lady GaGa began to prepare the copyrighted material for their debut album with producer RedOne

Gaga about Akon:

– “He is my heart and soul of the universe … I met him and he – well, just at 150 000 percent his arms covered all my talent”…

Gaga about Michael’s tour:

In a pre-recorded chat with U.S. talk show host Larry King, Gaga:  “You know, it’s always very difficult because I don’t necessarily like to talk about those very personal things that happened. But I guess I can speak about it now. I was actually asked to open for Michael on his tour. We were going to open for him at the O2 and we were working on making it happen. I believe there was some talk about lots of the openers doing duets with Michael on stage.”

Oh.. By the way .. Orianthi is on the label INTERSCOPE RECORDS too…

a name from the  album Orianthi? … “Believe”…  Release Date: October 26, 2009
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Michael Jackson Is Alive. Part 4. Illuminati 1

April 3, 2010 3 comments

Our new video in the making of which i took part

It is very interesting article for the entire period of 2007. The exclusive interview with Michael Jackson

March 11, 2010 1 comment

In I was refer to the one article.
Unfortunately it is removed from the expanses of the Internet, so I will post it here. After reading this article a lot of things has emerged in the one image.

In his exclusive interview Michael Jackson talks about his new life in Las Vegas and about his comeback.

The long awaited return of king of Pop status to Michael Jackson has begun. It was planned by a mysterious British magnat in the entertainment business
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The Greatest Show on Earth. COMEBACK and the CONSEQUENCES. Part 8

March 5, 2010 4 comments

 Let us refer to part 2 one more time , let’s study the list of the participants and their monetary funds, and think if it were possible for them to release several films giving us certain clues and messages (2012, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, Legion, Death on the Funeral, Alice in Wonderland etc.), some music videos (for example, Lady Gaga’s video of May 2009) order some paintings, create some internet resources (Thisisalsoit and many others), and pay the posts in certain tabloids (TMZ and others).

 Although for the majority of people this quest game remained unnoticed, it made some people think, use their brains and open their mind. It really became an adventure, an interactive game we all got involved in not leaving our houses.

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The Greatest Show on Earth. The Show Begins… BARNUM&BAILEY CIRCUS. Part 6

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment

 As I have promised we return to Barnum’s circus. 

March 5, 2009. Press Conference
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