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Please Save Vanya’s Life! Help him to overcome CANCER!

August 4, 2010 1 comment

Ukrainian child Vanya Chornozub  is 3 years old. He is fighting with brain cancer in German clinic Helios (Berlin).

It is about saving  life. Please, help!

Clinic address: Wiltbergstrasse 50, Station 117D, 13125 Berlin-Buch

Telephone number of Vanya’s mother Julia in Berlin – +4917697013189

May 6 2010 Vanya’s mom received a bill for the rest of Vanya’s treatment in Helios. The amount of money is 25 000 EUR.

Vanya and his mom already owe to the clinic € 9,141.33.

For now thanks to kind people they have 1500 EUR. But it is not enough and they don’t have any money more…

Almost all the collected money went for covering the treatment! Now Vanya owes money to the clinic. That means that ANY TIME THE CLINIC CAN SEND VANYA HOME TO UKRAINE (and in Ukraine it’s impossible to treat cancer of such little kids)… Vanya needs so much to finish his treatment!

Vanya’s mother’s telephone in Berlin – +4915773904726 (Julia or Yulya)
Vanya’s grandmother’s telephone in Ukraine – +380507562400 (Lyudmila)
Helios clinic adress: Wiltbergstraße 50, Station 117D, 13125 Berlin-Buch

Full name of clinic: Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch
Verwendungszweck (VERY IMPORTANT in the fixing of the payment to specify the number and surname of the patient): 100453857 Chernozub
Kreditinstitut (bank): Commerzbank
Kontonummer (account number): 4050751900
Bankleitzahl (bank identification number): 12080000
IBAN-Code: DE85120800004050751900
SWIFT/BIC: DRESDEFF 120 wallet: 41001241488016

R169879090302 (it doesn’t increase from terminals! It increases only from the other WebMoney’s wallets)

PayPal: (it is necessary to specify that this money order is for Vanya Chernozub)
De bene esse here are the accounts in Ukraine and Russia:
For aiding by hryvnias in Ukraine:

Recipient: КБ ПриватБанк (PrivatBank )
Account number: 29244825509100
МФО: 305299
ОКПО: 14360570
Purpose of payment: For the filling up of the card 4405885012914724, Чернозуб Андрей Анатольевич, Chernozub Andrey Anatolievich) cheritable aid for his son’s treatment

Rouble account in the Sberbank of the Russian Federation (Savings Bank of the Russian Federation – Сбербанк РФ):

Account number: 40817.810.8.3811.1902083
Sberbank of the Russian Federation public corporation Moscow city
Donskoe department of Sberbank 7813 of Moscow city (Сбербанк России ОАО г. Москва
Донское ОСБ 7813 г Москвы)
Кор счёт 30101810400000000225
Бик (bank identification number) 044525225
ИНН 7707083893
Number of the card: 676280389922563726
Recipient: Prakash Kseniya Vladimirovna (Пракаш Ксения Владимировна)

There is one more thing I want to say.. often people are shy to send 1 or 2 dollars for example to Vanya’s accounts, coz they can’t send more. But even 1 or 2 dollars make a huge difference, really. These little amounts of money help to collect the necessary amount of money faster.

Vanya would be grateful for any help (money, prayers, this information spreading).

Much love and God bless

Translation of the first document:

Federal Agency for Health and Social Development

Federal Center for Research and Treatment in Hematology, Oncology and Immunology

(contact info in the original document)


Ivan Chernozub, born June 30 2007, age 1 y 8 m at the time of receiving this medical opinion.

Diagnosis: Medulloblastoma of the right hemisphere, cerebellum and fourth ventricle of the brain. Tumor removed on Feb 2 2009, after surgery metastases found in the area of Cauda Eqina, stage M3, level 1.4-1.5. Carries tracheostoma.

Patient’s address : (see the original document)

Since Autumn 2008 suffers from nausea in the morning, hyperactivity and gait disturbance.

CAT-scan  on Jan 21 2009 revealed a massive formation in the brain.

Jan 29 2009 hospitalized for treatment at a local clinic.

Jan 30 2009 ophthalmological consultation revealed no pathology.

MRI Feb 4 2009 showed a liquid-accumulating tumor of cerebellum and 4th ventricle.

Surgery postponed due to an acute form of bronchitis.

CAT-scan Feb 10 2009 showed same massive formation in the same location, but tomography was of a bad quality.

Feb 12 2009 hemorrhage into the tissue of the tumor occurred, same day ventriculostomy followed.

Feb 17 2009 – main surgery to remove the tumor, according to the surgical record tumor remained within cerebellum. Histological analysis concluded: medulloblastoma. Second opinion conducted March 11 2009 – diagnosis confirmed.

CAT-scan Feb 19 2009 revealed no complications. No possibility to assess the scale of the surgery present.

Since Feb 29 2009 patient suffered pneumonia.

March 2 2009 – tracheotomy performed. External drainage tube removed.

Extensive MRI of all central nervous system zones March 5 2009 located moderate changes and appearance of irregular formations alongside the scanned periphery. Bone marrow analysis at the level of 1.4-1.5 vertebrae showed two formations of 7mm and 6mm in diameter, both not liquid accumulating. No other pathology zones found.

Conclusion: the child in question suffers from a tumor that after a performed surgery and a histology analysis was confirmed to be medulloblastoma. Additional tests determined M3 stage of the disease.

Proposed treatment includes chemotherapy according to the specified protocol, taking into account the heavy medical condition of the patient and his young age (below 3yo). Chemotherapy is to be administered by intraventricular methotrexate injections. Specific equipment needed to proceed with the therapy (specification included in the original document). After the first course of chemotherapy an MRI is planned to determine the result of the treatment and the further course of action.

Second consultation is advised after the first course of chemotherapy.

March 11 2009

Head of the Neuro-oncology department to the FAHSD/FCRTHOI

Prof. O.G. Zheludkova (signature)